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ABC News. I'm Richard can sue Seems. Authorities in Nashville were warn 16 months ago about the RV bomber, according to a metro Nashville police. Word obtained by ABC News, a woman told police her boyfriend, Anthony Quinn, Warner, was building bombs in the RV of his home. The report dated August. 21st 2019 notes that police knocked on the door but did not receive an answer. The trailer was in the backyard and fenced off so police could not see inside A B C's Lion Elmo ease. Police say officers didn't see any evidence of a crime and no additional action was taken. It is more contagious, but not necessarily any worse than the original covert 19. Officials in Colorado say to people there have the covert mutation that first turned up in Britain. First US cases of the virus of that variant. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor personally to kill the House passed proposal to boost the $600 pandemic relief payment to individuals to 2000. He praised the outgoing president for signing off on these 600 spot. Partisan compromise was our shot at getting help to working families. On the urgent timeline. If they need minority leader Charles Schumer, not buying it. I don't want to hear that. We can't afford it. I don't want to hear that it would add too much to the deficit. Senate Republicans added nearly two trillion to the deficit to give corporations a massive tax cut. Baby sees Chuck's Iverson says A long awaited railroad's safety system is finally a reality. Federal regulators say the railroad industry has installed an automatic braking system on nearly 58,000 miles of track. Word is required ahead of a year and deadline. It cost roughly $15 billion. It's designed to reduce human error by automatically stopping trains ahead of crashes. Excessive speed or going in the wrong direction. His sister reports the death at home in Ohio of Alan Canfora, one of the nine people wounded in the Kent State University shootings.

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