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Know the neuro in is not all the stuff we can look at riley like. There's there've been win studies right. There's a higher concordance of being transgender among identical twins compared to fraternal twins. So it's thought that there's potentially a pretty strong haired ability here. So yes the point is. This literature is far more complicated than she suggests here. And she selectively focusing on some pieces of it in a way that seem to support her general claim and she's ignoring everything else. It's not not that surprising. So myth five. She the fifth fifth myth. I say that she is getting. Is that children with gender. Dis fauria should transition. So so we've been wondering this whole book. Where on earth is deborah so going with all of this In this chapter to use these claims that we've talked about about transgender identities having no biological basis etcetera etcetera to support the point of like undermining gender gender affirmative therapy which she grossly mischaracterizes as pushing transitioning on people who might not benefit from it and moreover she implies strongly that hormone therapy and surgical interventions are being pushed on prepubescent children which is not true and by implies strongly. I mean that. She often references the fact. That children are being encouraged transition earlier and earlier ages but like that term transition is pretty ambiguous right so she. She has some plausible deniability in terms of whether or not. She's distorting anything. When she says this right you could be talking about encouraging. Social transition rightly changing clothes clothing name pronounced et cetera But she is clearly in this chapter trying to instill fear an outrage. At the idea of young children being allowed to choose irreversible medical interventions at very young ages is clearly her point right and this is a really tough topic right. Because i think you the other side of that is it's reversible like both ways sometimes difficult to reverse both ways to like but what about people who are trans who then it's harder to transition after puberty and all that now they're what they're screwed because deborah so didn't think they should be transitioning in the first place. Yeah exactly yeah. it's a it's a very. it's a very tough topic right. And as always like. I think that we should look to the medical and scientific consensus on these issues to figure out what the best course of action is right now so i wanna i wanna i wanna define read a little passage from this lake Very accessible article. That i found that discusses gender affirmative therapy and what it is an. Actually i didn't. I didn't seek it out for this reason but they were actually responding to an editorial that deborah so wrote about this topic but so just so happened. He just so happened to be funny. Yeah so so quote The goal of gender affirmative therapy is not transition contrary to what proponents of rapid onset. Gender dysphoric claim and. I'll come back to that. The goal is to listen to the child and decipher with the help of parents or caregivers. What the child is communicating both about gender identity and gender expression instead of encouraging the child not to be transgender and risking pushing them back into the closet pa- seek to support the child and their parents through the process of exploring gender. They remain with regards to whether the child should be trans or not. Okay and this. This explanation of gender affirmative therapy is consistent with what i read in like academic review articles. That were summering summarizing the current research on this and the best practices and standards of care when it comes to to youth gender so claims that again she's not a fan of jenner gender affirmative therapy and she claims that a different therapeutic approach is more acceptable and supported by evidence and she describes it here so quote the quote unquote therapeutic approach or the quote unquote developmental model allows a child to explore their gender while being open to the possibility that they may grow comfortable in their birth sex. A clinician will seek to understand factors relevant to the child's development including trauma or other psychopathology. And what else is going on. In the child's life that may be leading them to feel this way this final approach which is backed by the scientific literature as the most appropriate course of therapy for these children has instead been denounced by. Experts medical organizers and academic researchers as transphobic conversion therapy and abusive. You know who i believe. The experts medical organizers and academic researchers. Yeah because i mean it doesn't take much reading between the lines here to understand what the goal of the approach that she's describing is right. It's assuming that children who express transgender identity are probably not in fact transgender and the goal of this therapy is indeed to discover the quote unquote real cause of their expressions of generous for you and so this reference to like trauma psychopathology. Perhaps sexual orientation whatever The the idea that these are common causes of gender dysphoric are scientifically discredited claims. Right so yeah. What she's describing is conversion therapy and it's been rightfully denounced as such yet conversion therapy but trying to like. Pr it up to sound better than it is because like she tries to make the way she makes it sound. It sounds like probably what the other thing is like the asleep. The other therapy the correct standard of care you know like as best determined by professionals right now is going to involve the possibility that the person is is. They're not going to say no first order of business is you're not says like that's not that's not how things work is now exactly. No it's again. It's another straw man. This book is yes so many straw man people i. It's so so. Yes so what. She's describing is conversion therapy and i'm not. I'm not just asserting that so that you know one of the the peer reviewed papers that i read on the current best practices for care of transgender youth said quote. The official position of the american academy of pediatrics and the american psychological association are that this approach the referencing the approach that she's talking about him To the care of transgender youth is unethical and harmful. Wow okay let's not do that then. Yeah let's not. let's not do that. She claims So claims that gender affirmative therapy is being embraced too hastily by the scientific and medical communities without sufficient sufficient empirical evidence to support the idea that transgender identities should be affirmed or that the medical interventions to support transitioning or safe. Okay now from everything that i read. The current standard of care is evidence based and it is extraordinarily cautious and measured with regard to medical interventions particularly those that have irreversible effects right. So like you know. It's true that hormone therapy and adolescence. It's very likely to cause irreversible infertility. Nobody is taking those those you know. This costs lightly right and the the implementation of things like puberty blockers right is is specifically designed to introduce like a period where you can more cautious so We should probably summarize a little bit of that rate so In terms of medical transitions rate. From what i've read. It seems like the standard of care. Is that once. The child has started going through puberty. They then introduce hormone blockers or excuse me a puberty blockers right At a at an early stage in puberty and this is essentially done just to buy the child and their parents a little more time to make sure that they're really sure about all this before they go through with less reversible medical procedures. The standard what it takes to go through a transition when when you are a young person right. It's and later on. I assume but i focus mostly on youth. Because that's what she focused on. It is a very very difficult careful process. The standard of care is very high. And she's she's making the case in this chapter that like the like no. They're trying to they're trying to get you know young kids and they're just do all this stuff at once and not even asked them very many questions. She offers a number of anecdotes to support this. But not any actual evidence. It's really it's a it was very. It was very difficult reading this chapter. It's got to say because it's not supportive gash. It's obviously a difficult topic and there's a once again. I don't mind continually bring up the punching bag of ben shapiro because he has nine thousand hundred million times the listeners in money that we have But people like ben shapiro. Want to draw comparison to like you're going to let kids transition. My kid die identified as a dinosaur..

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