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Us as Dick Grayson fans were like big sees a good detective knees. You know crushing it. But I mean it's a great story for Donna and it's a nice. It's a nice nice story like you said because it's a man woman friendship Trying to shift them with not logic. It's not like could've been digs like she's with Terry really happy. She's with Terry like yeah. And it's it's I'm Mike. A lot of superhero stories there is. There's not even like one punch thrown in this issue or anything you know. It's just basically a detective. You know that right. Yeah Yeah but even sometimes a detective stories have have punches. Oh Yeah but I'm just saying it doesn't even have to. It was just like that. It has led enemies Bro. I mean it was basically just story of friendship and like a like a you know more about the detective work than you know but also of the eighties. They threw in some fancy crime techniques that were starting to become more mainstream. I mean nowadays. CSI and probably much more cutting edge. So you're you're more familiar with all at Dick's earlier stuff. Is this. Like the first time they really showcase like his detect like just purely his detective skills so so in this kind of format where it's very much laid out as a classic Detectives Story I would say this. He's one of one of the Earth's really kind of clear example but I think part of the reason this becomes like such a really clear. Example is because it's all in one everything's done in one issue because definitely in the new teen titans dig very much fills that like the of the day didn't originals. Ian's as well so so this isn't this isn't the first time I am. He's doing the detective thing but yeah I think this is a really good example because the story self-contained see it's all the detectives of Albany Albany Bit by bit in one issue. I mean I think again night wing is coming up soon here too so I think they were like you know it's like okay. Yeah he's he's pretty pretty much. You know all pretty much good fighters Batman but I look like as smart as Batman too so. Hey He's ready for a new identity. You know yeah because I think he mentioned something about the outsiders Jima they kind of hold his own There was that outsiders titans crossover of where it's been a while Spent a while since I've read that one but If I recall there's kind of like that man's idea for what they should do in idea for what they should do end Dixon like a softer gentler version. And they're like no. We need to go with this kind of highlight that Dick blow bit more about the relationships in the in the family family like we need to save our friend not just save the day something the first stone but certainly he is and I mean they do show his technical the seventy s in his kyle little background or the whatever they're called issue I mean. Sometimes he does sometimes. He does time goofy stuff because dissemination the list of jokers daughter was weird. Yeah but you know but he also is doing some detecting figuring out you know who the campus agitator here is our but yeah yeah. I was looking forward on the again. This is a classic story again. It's like you know different than a a lot of other superheroes stories. Yeah yeah look at the route really superheroes for most of it either true friends. I mean I think Donna you don't really ever well. I think when they go to the building. They're both wearing their outfits. Dick only dress up as robin to go to that the beach and the jail it well yet contemplative spot no dress up to go to the prisoners because they'll let Robinson talk to a prisoner but they're not gonna be like like renovating Eighteen nineteen year old. Dude it up and not that the Robinson said threatening. But it's like yeah I work with. Yeah it is. It is good. Although I don't think they talk about Donna's family. I mean I think they might invite she minded by these people to the wedding but they don't come with a huge. Yeah they after a while they con- stuff to where Tacona Knows you know it's you know. Yeah actually they did In a few times I swear they knew tight ends fifty fifty fifty three fifty. Four I think is Donna becomes Troia in. Does the black with the sober costume in fiction. Different origin that that I guess it'd be post-crisis I think they did all those stuff. They make her her warlike Amazon. Right I think so looking Like play or was that one woman wonder woman The nineteen eighties. Okay here's the torch Roy thing Now they they get married in teen titans fifty tales of the teen. Titans fifty. Nothing like you pretty much. Keep it the same after crisis Okay They did after Redo her origin because after crisis remember they mess with wonder woman's origin. Like wonder woman then show up till way they later. So they're like Oh okay yeah I think it's New Titans it's like fifty fifty one fifty. Two three four day is like a new origin story for Donna and I think that's when she becomes Choya. Okay who a new titans fifty fifty four wonder girl From Aetna Yeah the Titans of myth unless on his eight against the murderous Sparta of Sir it is revealed that the Titan the Titan Raya had rescued a young dawn from a fire on Barda had then then been part of a group of twelve orphans from around the universe who had been raised on new Cronos by these titans as titan seeds their eventual saviors. The seeds have been given even superhuman powers named after ancient Greek cities. Call Troy Donald like the other eventually been stripped of her memories. Enter of her time with the Titans of myth and reintroduced produced the humankind to await her destiny so yeah they really had to go there. Wake as yet crisis messed up a lot of stuff for a lot of people because you know the whole thing with wonder woman. They had to like run around and fixed on his origin. And then it's like the Legion of superheroes like Dad. You know their whole thing was like based on Super Bowl and then after crisis like Oh yeah. Superman was never super boy. They're like what are we. Who seems like they cause more problems? Blooms trying to streamline stuff and I wanted to make one. Yes one streamline universities like well wait a minute which they've subsequently moved away from multi cells. I know 'cause they make Batman like Jerk Ben in the different versions of up night wings or did they come afterwards now although what was it two thousand three identity crisis Up Brad meltzer tries to explain why Batmans it's such a jerk. Did you ever read that. I don't think so. That's the one we're tips. Dead is right Yes yes yes I think I just didn't like oh Tim. Fed is depressing. Will there's a flash. Yeah there's a flashback. Where doctor light breaks into the Justice League's headquarters Anna? He rapes along. Gated man's wife so the in the League shows up and just beat the crap out of him and then he's like he's still gloating he's like. Oh Yeah. I see flashes Uber Wedding Ring under your glove and everything thing. And he's like I'M GONNA keep coming out to your families and you know half the you know half the legal caulk man's like let's just kill him and there are like no we can't kill him. But Hey hey the town is here. How about we do a mystical mind? Wipe on them. You know basically bottom lobotomize him and Batman shows up in like no. You're not doing this. And they use a Panna Wipe Batmans memory of that event. So like they're so the whole thing we're like meltzer Saint Nino subconsciously for years. That's why Batman been such a jerk or superheroes because because on some unconscious level. He remembers that they mess with his mind interesting. Yeah Yeah Dr. Like got his memory back. He was all mad. Gordon started you know coming out for everyone. He's like he's like. Yeah the League lobotomize me you know maybe it basically an idiot and you know just you know made me a punching bag for their kids. You know the Titans Yeah Yeah. Qatar doesn't mean beverage has rejected. I.

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