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The widow of the late Senator John McCain, is endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President. President. Trump has had a fraught relationship with members of the McCain family since he disparaged the Republican Arizona senator during his 2016 campaign. Till now, the McCains have stopped short of endorsing trumps rivals McCain's back and could give the former vice president of boost in Arizona, which is a crucial swing state. President Trump is expanding a ban on funding for certain diversity training. Earlier this month, the president told his administration to stop paying for race theory, diversity, training and federal agencies. That order is now expanding to cover the military and government contractors. The president tweeted that the training was an effort to indoctrinate government workers. Last week, President Trump announced plans to establish a commission to promote what he called patriotic education. Who gets to decide how police should be disciplined. Montgomery County is considering a bill to give the police chief more authority supporters and opponents spoke out on a Montgomery County bill on police discipline. Torrey Cook with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. 35 represents 1100 County officers. If the way we address police discipline in Montgomery County is a real problem, the police chief And the counties. I could have a legal tool. That tool is collective bargaining, said Cook. He opposes the bill that would allow police chief Marcus Jones to take disciplinary action without being subject. Union negotiation in some cases, Jeffrey Rubin, with Jews United for Justice also opposed the bill, but for a very different reason that enables the police to investigate themselves. Reuben mentioned the law enforcement officers Bill of Rights, which in his view should be abolished. Kate Ryan w T o p News Maryland State send panel has started three days of hearings on police reforms. Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is discussing 15 reform measures that they plan to take up in the legislative session in January. Democrats say it's important to act in a historic time. But Republicans say all 15 measures are sponsored by Democrats and they weren't even asked to submit legislation. Virginia lawmakers have killed legislation calling for eliminating mandatory jail time for assaulting a police officer. The Billa drawn heated opposition from Republicans who said it would send the wrong message at a time when law enforcement has come under attack during nationwide protests over police brutality and racial injustice. Tropical depression. Beta has been parked over the Houston area, dumping enough rain to cause flash flooding in several spots, and the flood threat continues through midday. Today, many were caught off guard. This man ditched his car just in time. Others ignoring the warnings. Where's he think he's going? More than 100 High water rescues in Houston as tropical depression barely budgets? That's hope this system will We'll start moving at a quicker pace. Five. Other storms have already hit the golf this year. Some homes are still without power. Almost a month later, there is more rain in the forecast. No relief for a storm weary region. Janet Shamlian, CBS NEWS, Houston. A national book festival usually sets up the Walter E Washington Convention Center. But this year the Library of Congress presents it virtually Friday through Sunday. We have more than 55 live author Engagement's over the 120 videos on demand, Festival director Jared MacNeil says This year's themes include Fearless women. Chelsea Clinton, Angela Dominguez and Pam Manu. Does Ryan hearing black voices We have Veronica Chambers, Jerry Craft, Nik Stone and demonic Chrissy in the 21st century..

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