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On in boxing right now with the with the ward uh uh yeah kovalov alighted huge fights a big fight nomo's told him about there but us huge fright and reward undefeated a couple of only loss came non rewards but vision grew close fight controversy entre version will north argun about that but then in september you have the triple g in cannella fight you know the you fight site you fight it had just goes to show you how much which boxing is missing floyd mayweather who right because here he this guy forty years old been retire for what a year and a half two years and he is i don't want to fight ghana mcgregor in it's the talk of the town in the boxing world as crazy to me i know it is no titles on the line nobody's fighting for the title it just such a spectacle and it it just got this weird dynamic that you never see you know en it's crazy to cause also floyd's name is so huge and we've said it you said it numerous times michelle is his pfizer boring man this is the one time in his the nother interesting tired of it or this is a one time were one of its fights should result in a knockout and the twists to me is we just got done talking about the nba finals and how onesided they were and how lot of unfounded into beat it's a lot of people thought it not to be interesting it just wasn't a good watch mnet now allied of us are going to race out in see this mayweather fight which should be completely onesided so it so we're dynamic there there you would complain for weeks about how the warriors dismantled the calves and then we're going to race out and see mayweather dismantle.

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