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And the fact that she's dealing with somebody who is a little bit weaker than her normal opponent works to her advantage as far as just knowledge experiences would go. That's basically all. I have for my point number two. She's got she's got enhanced. Strength due to the serums for poison ivy the enhanced speed agility healing factor immunity to poisons all that good stuff. That's harley quinn equal if not a little bit better than black widow. That's my point number two. What do you say about them well. I'm rolling over my head here the concept step that sometimes if you if you have a resercher comes out someone who is highly trained in something you know a beserk or who wouldn't necessarily know the the the fighting style could still perhaps get a shot or two in but also the person who's got the the training in in theory would would win that but it's it's an interesting. I'm hearing that that harley quinn has got all this skill set that she's acquired. I'm just thinking that black widow book back her training. It's an interesting challenge both have value and i would say james you can back me up here. There's actually an interesting emmy fight that i watched on the internet not very long ago. The two it was a knockout in five seconds and maybe you can fill in some details here because the two fighters both well-trained what have you we're going after each other but the one fighter who won essentially just just straight through his body at the other person with his knees just out in the air and caught him right in the head and knocked him unconscious in five seconds now is the ben aspirin knew you know i'm a nerd when it comes to fighting and great comic books predetermination here's to the point is if you can do something wildly unpredictable. You could end to fight just like that with the element of surprise so okay. What if i may there's something called a punchers chance okay so in so for example when you do like submission fighting. We're doing like jokes and walks and all that kind of stuff. You're not going to have someone through a lucky armlock. That's not gonna happen but if you're talking or kickboxing there could be a lucky punch thrown u._s. Called punchers chance where someone who doesn't have the skill set or anything else still is at one percent chance of possibly succeeding. That's how i see harley quinn with against black widow punchers chance absolutely i'm just saying and the reason why is because they don't talk about this later black also taking out some insane super powerful so <hes> opponents as well through her skill you know when it comes to skill and especially in comic books and intermission you take someone who has all of that skill in that physicality that magnifies fighting ability a lot more than someone who's like. I've got a crazy style that kind of works in so unpredictable it an unpredictable style has been proven to work really really well against people who may not have the greatest training who may be good fighters but against someone who's really really well trained unpredictability is not advantage whatsoever now. I'm not saying that's what's going to be the advantage here but i'm telling you that's when it comes to like hey this person's had literally almost one hundred years or at least eight years worth of training by the cr- and tons of money into our training versus. Hey she's got a crazy unpredictable fighting style. I'm gonna lean towards the person who's had the hardcore training. Where if she doesn't win. She gets killed or dies right by her trainer's. Not even like out in battle you can argue that's also true about harlequin because she was trained by the joker who is a very very very good fighter in his own regards and he is and he would have trained her much in the same way and again very very similar characters. The way black widow would be chained trained through a little bit of russian cruelty. Not let's face it joker cruelty. I think out trump's russian cruelty any day of the week joker training though is if you don't survive. I kill you any like if you don't win. I kill you anyway but but it's not necessarily like thrive sound like she's received training like jokers like all right. Here's joker fu white belt lesson number one years. You know it's been more like school of hard august..

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