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Ninety, nine, ninety, five after previewing new chips at architecture twenty, twenty or earlier. This year Intel officially announced its first eleventh Jen Tiger Lake processors for laptops with thunderbolt four support Wifi six. You can get episodes a little more that'll explain what those are bumps performance and battery life over the Ice Lake Line the Eleventh Jen designs will be in Intel's use series now called up three and why series class or up four led by the core I. Seven, hundred, eighteen, five, G. Seven. Starting to three, gigahertz, a maximum single core turbo boost of up to four point eight. GIGAHERTZ and a maximum all core boost of up to four point three gigahertz tiger lake also features Intel's Iris's E. R. E. Integrated Graphics. See US and a maximum graphic speed of one point three five Gigahertz has a built in a engine which Intel says we'll improve video calls support. Such as better background blurring, and it can also support an eight K. HDR display or up to four four K. displays at once products with Tiger Lake inside are going to start arriving this autumn and there will be a bunch of. Designed to offset a new digital services tax introduced by the UK government apple is adding an extra two percent on developer fees on the APP store in the UK, on top of the usual twenty percent value added tax known as VAT or VAT. Google's increasing fees for all advertising on Google ads and Youtube in the UK by two percent as well and starting September first Amazon is also increasing fees. So that was yesterday for third party sellers by two. Percent Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Russian lawmaker fed-up to solve a member of the State Duma, which is Russia's Russia's lower house in its parliament has proposed bill that would see all apple store transactions capped at twenty percent down from it's usual thirty will that work not sure yet, but it is being proposed. The law would also mandate that a third of the APP store commission would be paid to the Russian government in a fund to train people in it. Just drive apple crazy not even the conflict is the idea different percentages in different countries As a fortnight moment happening, in Russia, podcast production company PODCAST, which spotify acquired last year is unionizing. The company says it wants a commitment from spotify to cover things like overtime compensation, clear job descriptions, equitable pay transparent salary bands, and movement around creative I an AP spotify now or sorry now can choose to recognize the union voluntarily, which would be followed by contact or contract negotiations or request a vote from union members to prove that the have support spotify owned Gimblett media and the ringer are also organized through the WG Union and still that is negotiations. All right. Let's talk a little bit about India. India's it. Ministry has said that the Indian CYBERCRIME Coordination Center and home history sent a recommendation. What sounds like it's optional but it's not to block one hundred eighteen more APPs considered quote prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India defensive India security of state public order. So when they ordered these blocks that means the APP stores have to keep them from being downloaded ISP's get the order as well. I'm not sure exactly what if anything they're expected to do. There are ways around it if you're using a VPN such, but essentially, it makes it really hard to get these APPs. If you're in India among the list of Chinese apps being blocked, this time are popular game pub g several of the we chat spinoffs and by do the main version of chat was already blocked along with Tiktok previously, but they had a few. Chat branded sub APPs that are now on the list as well..

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