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mood right here on ESPN one thousand we turn now to the NFL network someone who covers the NFL like a blanket for that fine channel it is Stacey dales and she joins me job hood under the hood on ESPN one thousand ESPN apt Stacy thanks so much for joining us. my pleasure Jonathan I'm just still trying to. your ball of the first week of the NFL season you know as we get ready for retail it was a great weekend and not for their stand but you know going back to they're gonna forget about Thursday quickly hopefully for that that was a tough pill to swallow because of all the story lines that we've talked about with Chicago going into that game against the Packers on Thursday I was mentioning earlier stay so we get your your thoughts on this I can't think of the bears offense isn't clearly defined just as of yet even though the beers were successful last year a lot of it was based on the defense is there a way to define what net now he's trying to DO offense of Lee with this team because it there was not showcased this past Thursday. well hard after what we saw with all due respect to to coach navy in the team because it was so in balance I think you know the recurring discussion Jonathan as well why didn't they run the ball you know I think there may have been fifteen combine Kerry three Colin didn't didn't have a rush thank you maybe in the backfield flight and when you have like Davis and David Montgomery injury con you think okay holy cow this thing's going to blow out because they're gonna be able to really Mary the run with the past and so what we saw was just. you're right a lack of identification as to what the thing would be and I think about Jordan how you know that the thousand yard belt house now with the eagles and you know talking to folks with the bears how predictable they become with the run game and so I thought well there's gonna be some unpredictability against the Packers and certainly unpredictability when you think about Mike Patton if the defensive coordinator in Green Bay you're too but a complete new bevy of players with the Packers and what are they gonna look like but it really was just there was no rhythm I know that make you talked about that this week. hi I'm going to just look confusing and you know with the really interesting that Jonathan and I get so many great nuggets from our research team but every time I I look and I watch the roof pressure coming. one fifty according to an extent that some fifty of service these drop back he was pressured nineteen times almost forty percent of the time and that is the most of at any point in his career you think about that and so you don't know what's coming with this defense part of the time because it looks different in its new and all the emotion leading up and he really didn't have time to brief back there in the pocket when he dropped back. we'll see see you from the Packers side of things I know that they're happy with the wind but you'll be watching them again this weekend I just I don't think that the office is very sharp and I got a lot of that is predicated on it again a strong defense for the bears holding up their end of the bargain but what stood out on that side of the field for the Packers because that wasn't necessarily the vertical strong offense that we've seen from in Rogers the Packers. it's a great question you know when I look back at this game Johnson and I've gone back and watched it thirteen combined points okay that's the lowest output since we started Thursday night kickoff back in two okay so think about that thirteen point combined. wasn't able to get going most of the time credit to both the senses but when I think about what brings you to cruise has done with this team and you know use all the questions about well clean Matthews is gone and Mike Daniels is that was a shocker he's now in Detroit and. holy cow what a job at least through we've won their trade you know world has become within this defense the roster eyes they're better than people I think are going to be and we thought that on Thursday night you think about Preston Smith. Adrian Amos and that kick at the end of the game those are all new additions free agency was a flash for them we didn't maybe know that the time and then journal savages he's going to be a force to be reckoned with in their secondary so that is what it out for me and then the defense is checked with Donald he stood up to the plate taking over this this group and again it's only week one but I like what I saw from both the fences and I get to see them at home against the Vikings on Sunday. you know this whole summer going into the regular season Stacy as you talk to Stacey dales an NFL network with Jonathan hood on under the hood on ESPN one thousand ESPN out this summer that there we went through it felt like the NBA in a lot of ways because we talked about so many things off the field all this this craziness and all these guys are weird story lines and then we come to find out you know what the I. R. Rogers can still win you still play despite whatever disconnect that was reported out there between the new head coach and and and Rogers he can still play a little bit even under duress you still they will get the job done. well and and there's not a whole other part that you know Jonathan exists with Aaron Rodgers even when they're not you know scoring you know. you know ray of touch down there you know they run game wasn't their credit to the bears defense they shot him down big time with their young the company it's Aaron Rodgers they automatically think when your his teammates that you can win but I think the thing that what I'd gleaned spending time with the Packers and I I would say this first coach Nagy in the bears to is is the relationship that he has with his players and what looks learner is developing with his guys if you were around that low floor super laid back you for innovative ostensibly extremely collaborative so are you want to question the Rogers look for relationship with and they want to gain okay and I talked to the Monday Adams I interviewed him after the game he he said among some other choice words like it was ugly right floppy ugly if week one I know the relationship is strong between Aaron Rodgers and the new head coach and there isn't much of an age gap between the two and I I think you know when I asked the vaunted how far away is this offense he told me and it's not far away at all you know you used faith one of the top three defenses in the National Football League ms all of the a motion they went into this game I mean what I think about thirteen points combined believe these scenes this was an emotionally draining way to start the two thousand nineteen camping. and by the way are Denver's next for the bears would Vic Fangio their former defensive coordinator now the head coach I watched that game I was on the air last night Stacy with with Denver in their loss against Oakland I just thought that Denver did not look prepared or not there's a sorry productive on either side of the football the raiders really look good I don't know if the hard knocks cameras still around they should been filming that because that was watch for the raiders hall but I I that's going to be an interesting test for the bears as well taking on a difference accorded knows everything about Nagy and the bears. yeah I I agree I think probably what might excite Chicago is that Denver's defense and then again I keep playing week one it's too early to panic it's too early to get into the my new show well they're going to take this year it's one of sixteen games but you know Denver's offense. didn't score I mean they were they were held that day they you know took Emmanuel Sanders a while I watch the games you last night on my couch and just. they just weren't as good as Oakland Oakland was so much better car was so good a hundred twenty one passer rating and that may be what Denver's defense they didn't register back so I'm not making company I'm looking at this thing like holy cow we got a protector quarterback who got the text message on the road get back to that run game because. you don't either but I'm predictability you've got to be able to describe things especially when you're dealing with what I consider a defense of my like big stand years one of the best that I've been around since I've covered football and you got of course point you have to and you know you start you start thinking about if you're the bears you lost one at home and now you go on the road but you've got the Washington Redskins on the road the week following you've got to win one of those wanted to those road games in my opinion early in the year steel feel them if you will but yeah I I think it'll be a great chess match and you're you're right Jonathan I mean Vic knows mich and he knows his tendencies he's seen what works and he's also probably come to understand what bothers mystery rescue so I will tell you when I talk to the Packers in the locker room after the game. I said I asked him on Williams in it I know ESPN picked it up in a lot of people picked it up but you know what what what were the keys because they just had no rhythm at all for the entirety of the game and he said he took some heat for this he said we want to play we wanted to Mr risky to play quarterback. and he took some heat because well that is that saying this is a very good now but when he says that and when I look back at the game and I saw all the pressures again he was pressure on drop back almost forty percent of the time I thought to myself. that's the most in his career there were no holds barred this is the biggest stage to start the season and for them the key to defeating the bears off at least from a defensive standpoint is you gotta make rich five mission comfortable you gotta make some of you know keep them in the pocket but make them uncomfortable and I think Victor going to see that model from last week you know the match and again it'll be a chess match with the Honda you response. yeah it in there was nothing wrong with that comment because the ultimately he's saying well we don't want Mitch to be rolling left and right and be able to utilize his legs because that is a webcam for tripit ski we we want him to be able to beat us with his arm and his in his ability get down the field and so that's that's great that was pretty obvious of course so that there's no controversy to that that comment to me I thought it was spot on you don't want that guy running around out of the pocket to try to get first downs and they kept him in advance a lot. they kept him in a band a lot and they they shut down the run game I mean now you could argue well where they're not. one place called and you know I I'm not the head coach in the National Football League team so it's yeah we can set banter criticized matinee game company that that's not my ammo but what I will say is I I do think changes coming this week. and they're going to find different ways to establish something on the ground beside their quarterback and again I would I would encourage people don't panic mode this is a long season and if you're if you're gonna see the emergence I think of players find their groove and find their rhythm as we see with all teams in the league but it'll be it'll be a good test on the road it is hard to play in Denver I know I know we see it every week and we can talk about the altitude but listen.

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