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Based just on tweets based on meyer within the league implying that something's fishy i would say that nl be it would attract their attention but let's go back to where we started here this is not an area they've shown any interest in show note interesting in in detecting it or enforcing it or carrying about it i just can't imagine this is a big deal in park avenue big deal they don't want it to be a big deal they're asking you baseball is kindly asking you okay and let me be the ones to tell you all be guy to tell you can you guys please just figure it the fuck out figure out how to get away with it figure it out i will teach you i can help you baseball is not looking to pop you using pine tar or any other sticky substance just figure out how to use it and how to apply it and move along it's fair it's fair speaking of moving along we'll move right along to some more yeah major league baseball talk the dodgers they lost again last night now very tough i was i was watching this game the dbacks that they take the first game of the series i was like you know if they get swept they're going to be eleven games out of first place that's that's not a great place to be in but they got kirsch on the mound don't worry about it and then you know it's three one game i look up the statistic is like when the dodgers spot clayton kershaw at least three.

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