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You want a burger put it on the bar stakes to be jobs for the new American cheese fresh juicy beef around the edges covered in cheese and stacked to the ceiling with deliciousness the Dow with a frosted beer at the bar just like the sports cheese burger away please drink responsibly even Drake is my guest today an amazing Americans at Denver native when the greatest athletes in Colorado history and today she's talking to us from a wheelchair an amazing Americans and a meal to go back to growing up in Denver and how you got into swimming because the story goes that you had asthma as a child I have a daughter that had as men still played volleyball and played volleyball through college and an account over came that I think the ball ball really help your **** asthma in swimming don't seem to mix together how did that happen for you I was born with severe asthma and still have it all three types and ID remember not being able to go out to recess or anything at school so I came home and you know I was really upset when they and my mom took me to the doctor the doctor said that I had to exercise my lungs and I said well how do I do that when I can't walk up and down the stairs by myself and my house and he had said that he had heard water sports are great pragmatic though I got into spinning and it took me another six years to finish filling with the call by I just loved it every day because I was with my friends doing things that they were doing and so there you go as soon as I finish labor pool when I was twelve years old I thought that I was well you know the next coming of Janet Evans and a no there we go the rest is history when did he hit you Amy that you could be really good at that support the member that time was there a moment yep yeah I was a senior in high school at cherry creek and I was at the states with me and I had qualified for the nineteen ninety two Olympic trials at that meeting and I thought wow I can actually do something in the sport well it wasn't just all right I gotta get past as much to that you became a disgrace former there must have been a competitive derive their swimming is a tough sport I I did it it's it's early mornings it's a lot of time in the pool there's something there besides talent and Hey I want to be with my friends that that that that got you to be this world class athlete what was it was a competitive drive there what has to be right said that so yeah I mean and I think the fact that I am forty six years old and just completed across the competition against that were half my age and be found there's absolutely a competitive drive there a lot of people ask me to help them get their kid that competitive drive and I truly believe that you're either born with it or you're not you think the asthma had some to do with that that compared to driving it's just who I am is it yes I am yeah I got how I'm built in and how is that I think people curious about that Amy what is it in your mind that's in your head that says I want to be the best it is it I want to be better than others on would be recognized I want to be I want to be the best I can be what is that competitive drive if you're going to find it for you some people I have what you just described like I want to be the best and I it you know whatever mine was I want to show all these people all the work that I've been doing so with my time show off and I also hated losing yeah I wouldn't say it's a fear of losing but I absolutely hated losing I hated them more than I love that's it that's common great athletes by the way you go to eight yeah you the university of Arizona how was that experience in in Tucson it was great I had a really good time I really loved it I really think that the coach is there with the first it was the first time that people thought something in me that I can actually do something really great and they had a lot of gave me a lot of the tool that I use drop my career it just so happened that my sophomore year I got really really sick I had had surgery and I found out at nineteen years old I could never have kids and it was really hard so I thought it was done swimming and decided to go to Colorado State University just to go to school because sign language is my second language and I wanted to teach high school biology conduct and in order to do that at a go to Colorado state and I ran into John not quote you for any items responding for me and I said because I'm not and you said you had what about this he goes if you come for me for one semester I'll pay for your whole year of schooling well if you like it keep going but if you don't like a quick masterpiece you're here and I'm not smart women sites not I can do the math on that that's pretty good so I was like yeah sure why not and my very first will need I qualified for NC double a is absolutely unheard of and I was the top ranked you know printer in the country I decided I was kind of fun so you bought in totally it's it's C. S. U. swimming obviously I get yeah did I I feel like it's the issue there was a lot less pressure than there was at the very well I'm not sure that even though that's not accurate all but I just felt it is John not those with just back coach that you know he was it's really call men almost be asked one of him for that and then leave it works with me yeah I still close today very close are you absolutely I talked to him all the time probably once a week and I tell him all the comings and goings of myself and he does the statement yeah I still see them all the time leading up to the to the to the year nineteen ninety six Olympics at the Olympic trials loosely leading up to the trials I should say what was your mindset was it I'm gonna kick **** or I just want to make the Olympics what what were you thinking then no ninety six I was favored in all maintenance yeah I went in there and my goal was to not make the team but I want to say it either break world or American records and everything that I slap so some of the call going on there I pretty much I mean I hate to say it but I would feel confident that I was going to make it but it wasn't even an issue of if I was going to make the team so it was just a matter of how fast I was going to go in order to make the team so yeah I'm very confident I had put in so many hours of work I had left school to trade at the Olympic training center full time with huge commitment I mean under Donte Skinner who was one of that and still the best sprint coach probably in the world is my guess and I just felt so confident going in there that I knew you know that I didn't do well when you look back on it now it's been a while since the this event and you made the Olympics again and won more medals in two thousand but nineteen ninety six could you in your mind have written a script any better you come back home to swim you're your your rank it nationally in all those events you make the Olympic team you when all these gold medals in the United States in Atlanta could you written script any better in your mind I will know and I I wasn't just on you know top in the country's top in the world for us it's nineteen ninety four so that was pretty cool I couldn't yeah and being in America for those Olympics and to be come the first American woman to want for golden one games in my home country yeah that was pretty cool I think coming home and having them have to shut down I twenty five for me to get home like that was awesome I remember that that was awesome I agree after the two thousand after the ninety six Olympics what was your your mind set then was it I'm going back to Sydney and I'm gonna do this again what were you thinking between those Olympics immediately after her ninety six yeah I wanted to go back and I actually went to the World Championship the ninety eight you know a gold medal in a bunch of things and after that I was like you know is going to be worth it to go back to two thousand and so I took a break and then I thought you know I want to get back into training and then when I did that I ended up destroying my folder not once but twice my second surgery with six months to the day of Olympic trials you thousand and I was told twice that I wouldn't so if you tell me I can't do something I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do it better than I never got it so that was kind of the quick to get back to you thousand game how was that experience is Sydney you want you want to more medals in the relays I'm guessing that it's a little bit disappointing but Hey it's two Olympic gold medals why a little by the disappointing god I thought maybe you'd want to repeat what you did in nineteen ninety six no I would have made the team yeah like it really upset me like after the two thousand games I I think it's so much physically to get me put back together between races that what I did was absolutely amazing to have in there what the team is amazing and when I came home I felt like a failure wow and not because of how I fell but because of how everyone me and they did exactly what you just said you know I mean and that's not cool winning gold medals is still great yeah well I'm I'm with you there got about a minute left in this segment where are those metals today I'm curious are the are on display where do you have those all those all that gold they used to be on display and now I have them in a backpack in a closet in my house by like bring that out so I think we even work no time got his Superbowl rings and safety deposit box my like guarded by like ten guards and like laser things and minor shop in as a backpack that's good you you you you folks with Olympic gold medals are amazing and member Eric Heiden the speed skater I don't.

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