Senator Chuck Grassley, Sarah Fox, Johns Hopkins University discussed on Sean Hannity


Surging cases. I'm Lisa let Sarah Fox News a warning from health officials as the number of people infected with covert 19 continues to rise. There were 166,000 new coronavirus cases reported yesterday across the U. S of big spike from a day earlier, according to Johns Hopkins University. There's also a record number of patients hospitalized with covert 19 more than 73,000. Including more than 14,000 in ICUs matching numbers last seen during April. Surgeon cases The rise and detected infections is prompting certain cities and states to once again implement lockdowns warning residents not to host large Thanksgiving dinners. Evan Brown Fox News. One of those states is Ohio, where Governor Mike DeWine is putting a retail curve you into effect starting Thursday, right for 21 days. See how how we're doing. Um, for 21 days, three weeks at 10 P.m. retail establishments need to be closed and people should be home. That will run until 5 A.m.. The wind says the measures needed to reduce cases and stop the state hospitals from being coming overrun. He's also asking people to reduce their contact with others. Just moments ago. Breaking now. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who serves as the president pro TEM of the Senate, and third in the line of succession, has just positive for covert 19. He and in a statement, though, he says that he feels fine. President Trump making good on the campaign promise to move American troops out of war zone. U. S troops will be cut in roughly half to 2500 in Afghanistan. By January, The 15th of 2021 American forces will be cut by 500 troops to 2500 in Iraq. By the same date, Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller made the official announcement of the draw down at the Pentagon boxes. John Decker in Washington. America is listening to Fox News. Pima County's election results are now official. I'm Greg Paul can S T news, The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to officially certify.

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