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PR listen to your local station anytime like this. Hey, smart device. Play NPR. I want to ask you about the album cover for amplified heart. It looks like you and Ben are either getting dressed after sex or getting undressed before sex. Like, your t-shirt is hiked up. Your belt is unbuckled Bennis shirtless in the background. What what does that album cover about? Oh, it's interesting because I look back at the cover, and I think well, we look so skinny. Do we? Yeah, we ready to, but you know, that was posted on this. He'd lost all that way. Because of being sick an idol stole that weight because of eating for months because of being in this terrible state of anxiety, and you know, with hotly indulging in the extremity of. I think what had happened, and what we suddenly found out buddies looking like, and you know, I is this something quite real control about that. In a way, you know, exposing that to grieve extremity, look my ravaged ball. Look, you know, there's something sexy about it is interesting that you say it does give off that vibe. But you know, is itchy. It's very much of the times. It's a very emit nineties photo, you know, people like car in day, and you can tell taking those sort of photos of Kate moss vogue where everything was at grungy. Looking you know, very skinny models with cigarettes. And I think the imagery on the front of the album does buy into that a bit. And because we just. Happened to look like that in that moment. Because what what what just happened to us? I think we just though let's just go for it. Let's show what we like. So I I love your deep voice. And you said that you didn't initially think of yourself as a singer. But when you did start singing that you wanted to sing like Patti Smith or Susie sue from Suzanne the band cheese. But you started singing that way on stage, and then just kind of lost bust your voice. So what did you do? Instead. I think for while that I I had to try and walk away of coming up with voice that was my own that that I could have some control over that took quite a while. I think for a long time, I was a much better studio singer than I will live singer. Because again, I could sit of sing as quietly as I needed to and often what people say about my voice is you know, it's very intimate. It's very direct sounds like I'm singing right into your area. And that's because a lot of the studio singing, I did especially in the days is sung that. It's very whispered into the microphone kind of singing then to learn was how to convey the songs on stage where never be you have to project. Bit more. You know, I had to build up a bit more, strength and stamina. So I tried having some singing lessons for awhile, I lent to do breathing exercises. You know, and I just had to gradually build up voice that was my own, and you know, which. Could serve the functions it needed to. So you had a singing teacher for awhile who'd work with a lot of stars, including Johnny rotten, Ozzy Osbourne. Linda McCartney seal drummer, some of these things obviously happened after studied with her. But she wanted you to sing hire more of a head voice than a chest voice. How did you like it up there in the higher toll not a total? I think I completely ignored that piece of advice from her. I didn't have very many lessons to be to be honest. And I found bits of it helpful I found some of it helpful as sort of warm up exercises. But then when it came to actually singing my songs, I would go back to singing in the voice that seemed like mine, so when you did you tell your singing teacher that you wanted to sing in near chess voice in your deeper voice as opposed to the head voice. And what did she have to say about that? I don't think she was very tolerant really of of pop singers wanting to sing in that disastrous pulp voices, I mean, most pulsing single wrong. And you know, we we do all these things, you know, most pulsing es about having a distinctive voice and using a distinctive way..

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