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Hey everyone this is david chalian the cnn political director and this is the daily dc thanks so much for listening today on the podcast the big supreme court unveil that is what will take place in just about ten hours from now as i'm recording this podcast donald trump will take to national television and the president he will unveil his pick to replace anthony kennedy on the united states supreme court and perhaps for a generation or more really shift the ideological composition of the united states supreme court in a more conservative direction but before we even have a name before we even know what that nominee may do in terms of impact to the courts makeup we have an already engaged white hot political battle in suing over getting this person confirmed to the bench or if you're opposed to the president's pick trying to get this person defeated the judicial crisis network a conservative outside group that is going to be spending a ton of money on television ads in in favor of the president's pick according to my colleagues abby philip and arianna vogue the judicial crisis network is going to launch a one point four million dollar ad by on national cable digital end in four key states starting tonight the moment there is a nominee announced the it'll be sort of an introductory by graphical spot but as the name is revealed this ad campaign will already begin to support this nominee the four states that are gonna see this advertising most heavily alabama indiana north dakota and west virginia for very red states that have democratic united states senators now alabama is doug jones who's not up for re election until twenty twenty but the other three indiana joe donnelly north dakota heidi heitkamp there and in west virginia joe manchin those three democratic senators all of whom voted to confirm neal gorsuch the last time president trump got a supreme court nominee all of them are up for re election in four months time and they're gonna start to feel the heat here from the right as we mentioned on this podcast last week they're also going to feel the heat from the left yes the democratic group that is sort of taking the lead on the advertising front and taking the lead to coordinate among liberal groups to craft the messaging and actions to try and oppose president trump's nominee their initial out of the gate advertising as we played on the podcast last week was against lisa murkowski and susan collins some more moderate republican senators who are pro choice and may be reluctant to vote yes for someone who is declaring an intention to overturn roe v wade but that's not where that democratic liberal group is gonna stop they also were going to start advertising to urge donnelly heitkamp and mansion to vote no so millions upon millions of.

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