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Mean. Wh what you could have done in one minute is literally before the match starts. Jade cargill distracts cody. Avalon jumps him from behind. You do thirty seconds of heat. And then cody grabs him. He puts them in the figure. For the moment. Peter avalon gets into figure for he slaps. Cody cody goes to slap him. But he's scared of getting his face. Levy's taps over two minute. You accomplished everything that you accomplished in the long match but you did it. In a short match the differences cody didn't get to have a long match with peter avalon but cody wants along with peter. Avalon you can do that on dark. Absolutely yeah again. This no hate for. Peter avon here is. Are you using your time in the best way that you can. And i don't think that they did that as personality was ten minutes. A really ten minutes may now. He's got a commercial break. And i skipped through it or something conversely colorado nick ma in could come rod. Nick mosley nick. Maroteaux in in jon moxley i thought was. I thought that was really good in for a guy that's not established but his size and his look is the way that it is. I thought they did a good job. And i thought moxley with him and even that could maybe even a little bit shorter but the bottom line is i thought that was. That was a much better example. I think of of trying to get something across and accomplish in moxley's promos continue to stay really good. It wasn't the best one ever cut or anything like that but that show is always going to get another check mark with when john maxwell he's cutting a promo did a good job would be the baby faces when the good brothers wrestled private party. Well i don't know. But i would presume that since it is an inter promotional battle then the baby faces would be whoever's in the home company so if at the next big impact show which is happening. It's good brothers versus private party for the titles. Then good brothers will be the baby faces because they're facing the outsiders. That's what i presume would happen. I at know that. But that's usually how it works with these invasion matches places. They should be here. I mean kenny omega and the good brothers and callous. They all they have to be. They have to be heels to everybody they have to be the the heels heels. You know the russians in the eighties. Where they were feuding with the horsemen. Hated him and this team hated him and that he made them. The everybody should hate these guys eddie. Kingston and his crew is kind of the same way you know. They should be the ultimate shade of gray here because everybody bumping up against them should have some some feelings about them. Spurs near says m j f jericho are official inner circle if they are the official inner circle tag team. Does that mean the crowd powerful cannot compete for the tag titles. I don't think it means that by just means that. Mgm jericho are currently chosen team of the group so for example if they have a tag team battle royal the winner gets a title shot than the entrance from the inner circle will be jericho and jeff but not santana nor nor sammy hager. Great out there by actually breaking out. Sammy hager no david lee roth. But his appearance on the show last night was that was a good one person. Says peter is a he'll he is doing his job. What's after you the evening. The match to do anything. He is if his job was actually being the agent. And the producer then yeah. He failed himself but Other than that was a matter especially to put twitch homey goodie in the mud what he do. I only put people in the mud if they deserve it. Look in the mirror to they. Normally do dave's gonna be upset. No mention of the bachelor party. That's true that's true but hey there is still time. The bachelor party could be next week. They advertise things here and there in social media pro if we can have a bachelor party like your last fling. You don't do that three months before the wedding. You do it like the day before. Maybe not the day before. I say you can cause some problems that way. Be careful about that they just hook up with whoever was it. Mj who hooked everybody up the inner circle up on the trip to vegas. They need to get those guys back in and help them out on getting this thing going here personnel. Your says hangman page not joining. The doric order worked me so badly. I almost cried. Wow i have to admit that. I did not almost cry. When he turned down the dark order. But maybe it's a storyline continues on. I will to john silver right that he might have do. You think we'll get moxley versus semi callahan after revolution. Do i keep thinking that matches going to happen. Because that's the kind of match. That's right up moxley's alley. It's right up. Sammy callahan's alley. They're clearly going to be doing some inter promotional matches so. I don't know if it's going to happen. I have no inside information. But i would think there's a decent chance you're gonna see that one. I'm not sure if it was you or somebody else who said it but it makes a great point. This is going to be a father in not so many months here coming down the line so if you want to get some of this stuff said that you got out of your system. Now wouldn't be a bad time to do it dude. Love really stop them for good but it'll be a good time to get this point out. They're having a baby girl. Wants then little baby. Girl is in jon moxley arms. He's going to be rethinking barbed wire baseball bats. No no no this other nuttiness. It look if he's rethinking it's just going to be. He's not going to use them in any matches. He's going to use them on her first dates. Wow aren't you above. you have your whole baseball bat. I wanna grow up not spent time in prison. What would you get the boyfriend. That comes over. And i can do the al bundy against the door. Smack him in the head and then send them out again of paisley's boyfriends come over. I hit the head with a barbed wire baseball bat. You're trying to over. This show aren't you. That's not legal mike. You can't do that. Wrestler hardcore wrestler. Yeah from the gauge. Well okay so maybe eighty in prison but he came out of it a much better man which is something that you probably need to do with your life is the change that you need person here pointing out that kurt stallions does not has championship match going on two months. Now at all changes next week everybody he's gonna get that that match with escobar and by the way if you only watch team we know absolutely positively zilch about this. Kurt stallion fellow. Why is he a stallion. He trained with a riddle. Where do you come from. what does he do. I don't know anything. No fish mentioned some of this stuff. Leon rough was even granted. He was in there to be comedy. At first tuba yeah they. They've lost their art.

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