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And was the most reliable person team. Okay you want to hear that eight yards in fucking three. So he's not clutch. Eighty three point sent Gutowski. Eighty seven point. Four percent. Interest is more accurate. Technically kicker without a doubt. Yeah but conner's point though it's the eyeball test because if you remember. I hate to bring this up and we'll talk about later but season right super bowl. Arrays half right before half ask you was given an opportunity or there was an opportunity to kick Bella check decided to go for some bullshit fourth and twenty or whatever it was instead of going for the kick and I'm I'm sorry but it's the prove your point. Connor Viteri past the eyeball test. Well he's more clutch. We can agree on that. I like yelling all know Andy. All the numbers for every statistic earned slated. Now it is the score points league. Do we're talking about two thousand and one on return. Brady Tom Brady. Tom Brady but how is kicking changed on unity of anything? They're lower because they move back the extra point kick back. There hasn't changed outside of the the extra point rule ever and you know what has record of consecutive extra points kicked in a row. Yeah Kathy with like five hundred. Seventy something warmer could rookie year. Two thousand seven. Not a bad part doesn't six two thousand six. Oh I'm sorry I'm sorry we're not talking about totals here. We're talking about percentages right accuracy. So so you're telling me the Tom Brady Randy. Moss welcome Walker days. Then put the kicker in a better position Position to hit field goals. Then the Tom Brady fucking seventeen for twenty six no touchdowns two hundred yards and a couple of like game winning drives where Adam Venit Terry hit the field goal dude. All right sounds good point in this game alone. He's right I can't disagree In this game alone to be fair the majority of his kicks that were attempts. Were around fifty yards. Tom Lang Com Brady threw fifty touchdown in two thousand and seven. I don't know how many touchdowns total the you gotta add in fucking rushing touchdown defensive touchdowns special teams touchdowns. Tom Brady was in the fucking red zone all game long stuff. He had the easiest job in the game. I'm telling you then a terry with early pre ACL injury. Tom Brady was kicking. Forty plus fuel goes all day long. Southie was in like the thirty thirty five rain with the occasional forty and like the ever day magical record. I don't mean Betas. I've been watching the past the nineteen ninety sick. You were talking. You were a bucket twinkle in your dad's I in nineteen ninety six. I had been one patriots since nineteen hundred same age. Your was a year a year off. I'm a year older but I know like his cognitive ability like he probably didn't really get the enjoyment of the Patriots until the year after that which is why I'm interested in the twinkle in your dad's I if you'd like to talk about that for a little bit or or perhaps we we go back to the browns here. I know people are fascinated by our kicker talk. I'M GONNA figure out the numbers on that all right back next week. Unless I'm wrong then I won't I mean Game Wise I will say this is a weird one because it felt like both teams were kind of just mucking around You Know Brady has mistakes. Nothing was really like solid especially in the first half But the somehow made it work anyway but throughout the game no matter how you know one side sucked or another. It was pretty close to the end which is surprising to me because it was so sloppy. Yeah they were talking about. How the The browns were like plus eight on the season terms of turnovers like turnover ratio. People people. Forget to earl. Little was with a Stud Earl. Little was a study with a safety for the browns Gerard. Warren in his brown days was a minute on Defense. Like th there because they had a. They had a good defensive. Names do any other show. Which makes that number even crazier. Is that in the previous two games for this. The browns had lost eight. Fumbles in those two games. Holy Shit yes. It's minus eight and they're already and they're still plus on top of that dude. It's crazy though. They said up to this point up to this week at twenty five interceptions in thirty one overall takeaways. That sounds like a Shipton. Yeah that's like one of those defenses that you expect to see the top lead people talk about but because their offense was so bad they'd still won six games and and you know the the commentators again kept coming back was like this is how browns games is their defense keeps a minute and then they were talking about the the Cleveland. Browns bend. Don't break defense which was hilarious. But then hopefully the somebody will make a play at some point. Which Brown's the defense did they scored the only touchdown the was it a picnic or a fumble. I think it was the pick six. That was Yeah it was. Brady's Brady's I passed. It was a fix. It was a lob. Grab no Etowah Corey. I agree with you Andy and then I think about some of those cuts defenses and I was a big been. Don't break I always like when people are like the past deepens me so bad the thirty second in the league and I was like a big bend. Don't break defense guy yards vs points for putting a fifty points a game. Obviously these offenses are going to accumulate some yards and maybe score points a point or two because they now have to throw fifty times a game even try and keep up and I was like I was writer. Die On the bend. Don't break defense so watch it. Oh Yeah I think most most of us weren't listening to these guys talk about that. From the Cleveland browns standpoint. It was.

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