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Everybody Kevin Rose here. Welcome back episode of the Kevin. Rose show really excited do my second ask me anything. I want to say first of all. Thank you to everyone that submitted midday questions to my instagram account. I got probably. I'd say between five hundred and six hundred questions so I couldn't get them all but we highlighted a few of my favorites here and got through quite a few actually because we do a rapid fire at the end for this episode. I wanted to a couple of things. One tell you to call me up on at at Kevin Rose on instagram. And the second thing. I'm excited to do this episode with Jason De Filippo. I've known Jason for a very long time now and we were old school web two point. Oh geeks back in the day Jason. Also Edison's podcast and he's also a podcast host. If you haven't heard his show you want to check out grumpy the old geeks Jason is have you on the show man good to finally get together on a show at some like taking awhile. I know dude. We have been friends for. Do you remember when we first met. We first met I think it was right before you got funded for dig because I you said something really nice on. TV about technology. And I was like employees eleven at technology and I saw you lucky cat or black cat. Black Cat yeah. In San Francisco came up and said Hi and then it turned out. We live like two blocks away from each other and the rest is history which was actually a bad thing yet. It was a bad as we end up becoming drinking but his back then and we were pretty young and foolish and consumed a lot of beer. Together we were pretty good drinking buddy. That's for sure that's right that's right. There's some good stories in there that we shall not talk about. Nobody will ever. We're here though that's right so yeah I'm excited to do this with you. Thanks for agreeing to come on and help me out with some of these questions because It'll be nice to have someone to chat with him about the last time I did one. That was Kinda weird when you do those. Ama's and you're the only person sitting in the room. So yeah it's a it's cool to to have you on the show to excellent excellent excellent. Well shall we get started. Let's do it. Do you have any advice for a recent college graduate stepping into the startup world. Yeah absolutely I mean this one is something that ad I you know. We all land in that. I kind of GIG straight out of school or in my case I dropped out of school. I think he dropped out to right. Yeah I I mean. I went what to school for photography. And just Kinda bounced into computers on my own. So I learned everything myself but Yeah you're all self taught on the on the coding side and remember that. Yep You know oh I think that in the early days. Don't think of this as like okay. I I'M GONNA work my way up in NBC's Eeo in in five years. I think it's more about doing excellent work. It's it's about making friends You know these friends will eventually you know go off to start other. Companies joined other businesses. And when you have those relationships ships that's going to open up opportunities future companies in really. I would say these first. Five years are all about networking and improving your worth and being take on any task so whatever you do do it at the highest level and don't have this attitude where well that's beneath me. I mean you really really have to get scrappy and to show that you're willing to take on anything and when you do that and and you do it successfully. You know the people in charge. If you're working on a good organization we'll start to hand you tasks tasks that are you know more more challenging and that will eventually lead to promotions and other things but yeah definitely making friends in in. Doing excellent work would be my by the advice. What's your take on specialization versus generalization in a start up? Well I guess it really depends on if you had gone to school for coding. When you already know I'm GonNa be in this particular department? If you're someone like me that had taken a little bit of code but also I love to do. I was Doing some early display ad stuff. When I first got started in kind of tracking down our of our conversion away from the you know the actual ad add source all the way down to the network that we purchased the ad out all way to converting to a shopping cart or cart? Abandonment rate I just loved excel and loved to jump into that so when I was at my first couple startups it was doing a little bit of everything Just kind of trying to see what what I gravitated towards and what I really loved so yeah I mean. If you're if you're a coder I would get serious about something especially given the kind of crazy demand for on the machine learning and AI side. I'm that's a no brainer to go into those very specific niche kind of industries early on because in five ten years. You'll be making some serious dollars in those those fields. I know that when I was at Google I had heard that some of our higher end kind of folks were gosh was it was over. Four million dollars in total copy year for those types of coating positions which just insanity but it just goes to show you how few people at that time. We're actually doing that work. And it it was Is Very sought after in so they could command those salaries. But yeah I'd say if if you really don't know what's going on in any kind of like well. I think I like this but I am not sure. I mean when you're so early in your career you you can afford to go and spend three years to three years at something and in the end up bailing on saying like I just don't like this and then jump over to the the next thing so don't be afraid or feel like if you've gone down a path for years and I wouldn't say this even as an adult later on in life life you've gone down this path and you keep beating yourself up and you know it's not for you at an life's too short It's worth taking a few steps back to to move forward word. Definitely definitely and on the generalization side of things. I just want to chime in that. When I was at the companies I was always a coder but I got to know every different part of the business business? Just because it makes you a better coder because you know what the business goals are. You know what the marketing goals are and it helps you align what you're doing when you design your software and you throw out ideas for new features. It really makes you more valuable to the team. And it's not that you're GONNA have to go you know you're going to be right you know see. PHP Java script doing design work working all that stuff. Not that kind of generalization but just knowing having a working functioning knowledge of the startup that you're working in like try and get your fingers and everything because it's GonNa make you more valuable to the team in the long run. Yeah absolutely and even if like let's say you're a engineer and you eventually want to make your your way to the management track. You're going to have to have those skills anyway way right because if you're managing other engineers part of your responsibilities not only obviously managing that team but then also kind of working with other related teams you know the marketing departments the the CEO on the other organizations internally to to fulfill that vision. So you're gonNA need to have those those skills all right moving on. How often do you meditate? Yeah I mean that's changed quite a bit over the years I would say that Initially I kind of did it to on a more prescriptive kind of the thing where I was meditating to relieve anxiety and just kind of using it because I was going through something in life where I felt like meditation would help me me and then you know later I realized that that's actually the worst time to meditate. You Really WanNa have a habit and build up a practice practice so that you don't even get in those situations to begin with and so for me that that looks like at least and this will seem like a very short amount of time. Yeah but at least ten minutes Sometimes twenty minutes a day but the key here is ten minutes every single day so treating this like something that cannot be skipped tipped. Everyone can find ten minutes. I don't care how busy you are but just making sure to keep up that that daily cadence so that it is a part of your life and that yeah well those benefits will compound over time And I I think it's a it's all you really need. I I was I doing longer for meditations but then you know after when life all of a sudden it hits from a different direction you realize i. I don't have time to sit for forty minutes a day. I was doing twenty minutes in the day and tournament tonight and then all of a sudden an one one of those falls off and then all of the second one falls off you know like well I gotta go meet a friend for dinner tonight. So I can't do in. You're not meditating at all so yes sticking working with a daily practice that you you promise to yourself internally that you just will not move are sacrificing for anything else And during those ten minutes I think is the key. How is is your practice changed from when you didn't have kids too when you had kids? Is that when it started to fall off well. My practice has changed quite a bit in that of study with a bunch of different disciplines over time I was very lucky to live across the street from the San Francisco Zen Center when I moved over on page street there and I would pop in and an actually took my first training and meditation With the Zen monks there and learned about Zaza and all the proper ways proper to sit in the how you would enter the temple and like all these like very formal things that they have when you practice Zen so I was lucky in. That was an hour long meditation that I was doing there seated but thin one. The APP started coming out. So you know head. Space launched in eventually come came out. It started just practicing at home with a cushion there and I was moving to twenty minutes a day. I think is pretty much where I was at the night started. Ti studied TM Meditation which is a form of mantra meditation. They recommend that you do twenty minutes in the morning in tournaments tonight. That's very mantra. Meditations a very intense thing. It's like It's it's different than the than the zen or or more of a pasta kind of with my infamous based meditation and more recently. I've gotten serious about that. Mindfulness based style. I think Sam Harris has a fantastic course but it's the fifty day ten minutes a day course on the pasta style meditation. I fear that a lot of the meditation APPs. Oh concluded the one that I most recently worked on. They're great for an introduction and a lot of them are really great for prescriptive stuff so I have a fear of flying. I'M GONNA take a fear of flying pack and things like that but they don't go really elite really deep for people that want to take meditations seriously. So that's the one thing I really loved about Sams Course. He really is for meditation for people that want to go. Oh a little bit deeper. If you could call yourself ten years ago and talk for one minute what would you tell your younger self. Oh.

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