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Geico and saved a bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and sell was hanging up with his grandson on. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith Show podcast. Let's get right into it with E._S._P._N.. Football analysts Dan Orlovsky Dan. I just laid out my top three wide receivers in the N._F._l.. It went like this Julio Jones one John Hopkins to Antonio Brown three. WHO's the best wide receiver in the N._F._l.? How have the put down your Hopkins at the top? <hes> deandre Hopkins is in in the class. You know I would keep A._B.. Out of it I would put Julio Hop and Michael Thomas and a really grouping their own. Those guys are all special or good route runners physical breaks but the thing that separates A._p.'s there but the thing that separates them those guys don't even have to worry about getting open a lot of times. They're open all the time and that's not said in sarcasm. Those guys can still be covered by great corners and make the contested the difficult the impossible possible catch because of the body control so those guys. I don't know if there's necessarily one that separates himself on the other depend on their quarterback play stuff but those guys that's three grouping is is just in a different class of its own in the breaking news of the day is the Saints Wide Receiver Michael. Thomas did not show up for the first day of training camp. He's looking for a new contract in New Orleans E._S._p._N.. Football Insider Dan Orlovsky Stephen Smith show with will cain fill in Dan. I just laid this out man. I said Julio Jones wants to hit three thousand yards. Obviously that a record he is second to Calvin Johnson most receiving yards in a single season and it got me thinking and I just laid this out. What's the most unbreakable single season record in the N._F._l.? Here's what I said. I want to get your feedback on this. There's there's there's two essentially it's rushing touchdowns. In total touchdowns rushing touchdowns Ladainian Tomlinson with twenty eight and total touchdowns is also ladainian Tomlinson with thirty one in what I noticed and looking back over the stand. It's not necessarily decline of the running game what it is is the versatility and the diversity of offense. They're just not giving it to one dude anymore. They're not handing it's one running back not throwing it to one wide receiver so no one player is racking up touchdowns the way they did what we're looking at is now almost over a decade ago see. I can see those going down because there's oftentimes in an N._F._l.. Season where like weird stuff happens for a quarterback will have forty completions down to the two yard line and I know so you do end up painting it off and those you get those kind of cheap touchdowns. We've seen some changes dad like the little quarterback in the shotgun flip pass to receiver on these jets sweeps and they end up in touchdown passes but I do believe that we'll get back to do you know sometimes haning the ball down in the red zone and because it comes so infatuated with the pass down there. It's been over a decade those two records rushing touchdowns in total touchdowns. No one's come close. I mean come close in almost yet decade cater more but they're so like again. You can have a freaky situation. I remember the lines went through this. We're like Stafford had a year. We had like twenty touchdowns but twelve times the receiver. Was You tackled that the two yard line <hes> I just I think that those can get broken especially with thirty one touchdown by somebody I would say there's two that stand out to me one O. J. Simpson average two hundred forty three yards rushing per game for a season. I don't see that happening anytime soon soon if ever because obviously tying to the running back and and how many times the guys are going to carry football and the evolution of how important is or how much more beneficial to pass but how about this let me throw weird as you do the bears defense in nineteen thirty two allowed forty four points that that that will that will never not happen again. That's that'd be I mean there's teams giving up forty four points a game so we will never that that's something that will will not be broken. That's fair. Stephen Smith show is brought to you by pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to pennzoil synthetics today Dan Orlovsky here on the Stephen Smith show with will cain all right man..

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