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Twenty five twenty five percent off your first order fall them on instagram facebook and twitter at eat bogeys and support our buddy. Timmy's excellent snack boys. We were in charleston. How many pounds of this stuff that we go through dummy. It dominated dominated all week all month. Going back to that that stake draft. I think. I think i'd wanna go back to win. Like like the whole jesus thing was going on. Someone said that off did they. Yeah well already got actually mad. You got man or a little bit our white sox dave. Yeah yeah well he he does. He tries to change the rules like each. She said. Oh this is like if you were fly on the wall and then he tried to pick going back. In time and prevent corona virus bullying this guy biz was unreal on his own show on his own show. She's given it to him so he picked. He picked going back to what see jesus during like the resurrection. Snow white sox dave to stop krona. But no kyle picked. The resurrection busted his balls. I saw we're doing fictional events now. You know like. I was was saying it because now i'm all these atheist for crying they asked. Are you an atheist. No i told them. I'm an irish catholic from boston. But if you know the history then you understand why. I'm not too keen on the whole catholic church these days. So i'm not. I feel like i went through that so i can make fun of it. You know. i'll take the heat. Because i don't give a shit you know. I grew up in that environment. So i can make fun of it so either way i. It was fun now with yahoo. I'll tell them all you about this. Answer the fucking coliseum. All lose shoot to see it didn't see the coliseum to see a gladiator thing that's a good roche easiest pitch you just one that draft. I know fucking raise. Hey front row seats to see him. Go like coty wal walking by me fucking sipping on my beer. 'cause he's piss off eating get yanked after the lion bit soft and the team president front row for my limbs getting ripped off sees. Hey caesar that was my last. That was my last goal in rome. I'm here that'll be the florence fuck in lyon and a giant snake. Faulk a how about this. One adam and eve ou which imagine their sex though. It'd be terrible ross everywhere. Marge's book mondo cheese. Wow us oh. We went off the rails. Let's go to let's go to pierre rockwell's absolute girl this guy but he stayed firm want to hand. I know he's just this guy's machine he doesn't hear any of eight he's doing for years. Let's go right now. Pierre mcguire thanks for joining the show budget to bring on our next guest for the last fourteen years. You know him from his work on. Nbc's nhl telecasts. After several years tsn up with canada prior to his media career he served as an nhl scope assistant head coach in one thousand nine hundred ninety one stanley cup as an assistant with the pittsburgh penguins. He played bergen catholic high school in or new jersey. Then for the hobart college statesmen in geneva neglect. Thanks so much for joining us on spin. Chiklis maguire is awesome. Here can't believe ryan you look so young and paul so invigorated. It's awesome to be with you. Hugh really mean that. Dopey i do flow rise. You do flow. My brillo pad i will say everyone says i looked like i was fifty three when i was twenty but i still look fifty three at thirty seven so i'll work i. I don't like santa next bid. He's always good that glow on. So i just gotta take down this. My relationship with brian whitney goes back to money played at air academy as a freshman there and his defense part was bookstore. Pick so that just just to date us to show on. Never forget when he was drafted fifth overall by your pittsburgh penguins at the time. And i'll always remember that. So i go back with ryan where everyone played. It's absolutely insane. We'll get into that later. That was nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight for everyone wondering at home actually. The year before. I wanted to quebec peewee tournament. It was still a hell of a run. Thanks for bringing it up. So i was going to ask if we quizzed you. Would you know where everyone played junior college. You think today in the nhl playing for junior teams. Okay let's hear the last zone sound and all that technically pure. I played for three. Because i went from north bay to saginaw. I was there the last year or stop. Hey catch million you put a how you decompress and after the longest season ever in all that time in the bubble you know what. It's been great my son's playing junior hockey brisk columbia size getting all the great pictures for my wife is and my son. She and my son took this cross country trip in canada which was good so that helped my daughter's a sophomore guard dartmouth and she's not on campus rate now so i've been forced enough to have her home and i'm actually helped train her. So that's been good when a little bit of time. I've been golfing so that's nice. Nice that's good to hear. Oh you still living in montreal. No we have a home. Your ryan montreal. But we solo homer montreal eleven years ago and moved to connecticut. That's how long ago. I was at your house for dinner. Mark ricky took me over. Jordan stall sidney. Crosby nice enough to hostess over there. I remember that. But i guess that's that's dating myself. Jesus appears i gotta tell you this story. And you guys elected about ryan whitney. He's fash ryan whitney boys fashion aficionado. And we're sitting around the table. Our old home in montreal. There's been some pretty good stories full around that table. Whole a few and rick talk. Install a few moments all if you just namedrop. We're there. And sidney crosby sitting at the taylor a young kid and ryan witnesses. Why don't you tell us about your house. Why don't you tell me about your house instead of goes. What do you mean he goes. Well you bought a pink house. You have a pain. Cows and crosby was calm cool and collected and finally at the end of the wit. My house isn't peak. It salmon and sin was angry. Was he pissed. I forgot about that. So i always said he had a paint coast and he would really argue with salmon and then that night he didn't give it back to me right away but saying enough. Finally grinding skiers hard enough pierre when you came on the scene for me and i talked to him. Yesterday was when dion enough was playing world. Juniors and you've token the phrase double eat sometimes even drop triple do remember. He ran over Russian might have been all of your mouth. And i don't know it was a russian for sure. He and shane weber. Were dynamic duo back in for canada not rural junior. Two thousand five in grand forks. North dakota But dion was in all this great dionne since story wing. Sydney was seventeen in five world. Juniors draft year there was an indoor practice facility in grand rapids but it was underground. It was deep. It was about three. Or four deep and brent sutter. The practice got so intense before the first candidate game that he had to stop it because crosby.

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