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Orlando international airport, then shot took an elevator to another floor. And he heard a loud, boom. Maybe I mean, you can see all the security from down here. And so maybe he's observing something. I don't know. And I'm saying to. I wish I would have said the officer had just finished his shift. Investigators looking at his personal and work, histories and a social media accounts. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Vatican women's magazine denounces what it calls the cover up of abuse of nuns by priests ABC's, Megan Williams in Rome has more publication women church. World says nuns abused and raped by priests have been silenced for years out of fear of retaliation against themselves or their orders. If they report the priests a fear, the German, former none Doris Wagner says she lived through only some months after I had solemnly professed vows syndrome, the Mehta superior of the house came into my room and draped has gone public with the alleged rape and another assault. She says she experienced at the hands of Austrian priests home in Geissler, a top official the Vatican's moral watchdog office who was forced to resign this week, Meghan Williams. ABC news Rome, a Utah. Doctor claims an Oscar winning actress crashed into him on a ski slope that left him with serious injury. CBS is Matt piper with that she skied away. That's what a Utah doctor alleged Gwyneth Paltrow did after crashing into a mosque nearly three years ago. Kerry Sanders says the actress turned coop creator was skiing out of control at the deer valley resort in Park City, Utah. He claims he was knocked down knocked out causing a brain injury and broke four ribs. He says she fell to but got up and skied off. He's suing her first three point one million dollars. The doctor also claims ski instructor who was with cals wrote never offered to help and filed a false report saying she did not cause the crash piper. CBS news. A rep for Paltrow says the lawsuit is completely without merit. The Middlesex district attorney's office is investigating a suspicious death in Westford where a woman was found without a code in the freezing weather along providence road around yesterday morning. WBZ TV's. Jim Smith says the neighbors are concerned, I wonder.

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