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Forty seven Katie gay radio with more on the Steelers win and other notes. Here's Jim colony and Larry we thought it couldn't be done. But Mike Tomlin Steelers actually beat the patriots seventeen to ten at Heinz field. So big because of our present circumstances. You know, we'd like to believe that we're the common denominator in all stories involving us, and it was less about opponent opponent and more about you know, particularly how we have played of late in terms of having an opportunity to finish games, losing three straight games. They should have won in yesterday's game went down to the final seconds. But this time Cam Hayward and the defense able to hang on or DB's were very violent and. You know, we're just the hands are active. There weren't a lot of you know, just open routes besides that one early on. But I just love the our our contact with our DB's we were aggressive and Joe Haden, particularly so he was in on twelve tackles broke up two passes. And also intercepted a pass at the four yard line, saving at least three points just hoping that a dingo out. And then once it started getting closer I jumped in and I saw people trying to hit me. I'm just about killed my leg. So I was able to land that was midway through the fourth quarter. Chris Boswell who had missed a thirty two yard field goal earlier that would have made it a ten point game made a forty eight yarder following well with two and a half minutes left. So that's still left Tom Brady with plenty of time. But the defense held again in the final seconds. Ben Roethlisberger threw for two hundred thirty five yards and touchdowns. Advance McDonald Antonio Brown. Jaylen Samuels ran for one hundred forty two yards on nineteen carries. He caught two passes for thirty more yards. And the patriots were sloppy penalized. Fourteen times for one hundred and six yards. So the Steelers are off the Schneider now eight five in one and still just a half game ahead of the ravens as Baltimore beat Tampa Bay twenty to twelve the Steelers are at New Orleans next Sunday the saints play tonight at Carolina last night. Philadelphia knocked off the LA Rams thirty to twenty three. Hang was play the ducks tonight, seven o'clock at PPG paints arena. College basketball Duquesne beat main seventy two to forty six West Virginia lost Rhode Island eighty three to seventy for the wider wellness center. Sports Astrum colony NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. Thanks, Jim, man. Let's get a preview of money talk. Here's Rick Applegate. Larry Wall Street awaits what the Federal Reserve has to say after their final meeting.

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