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Here we are. Lottery Wish list 1 802 831 on 1.5. Tommy in Berlin. You're on New Jersey one on 1.5. Hey, What's up, guys? Hi, Tommy. Brooklyn. Hey, have you ever tried a dozen none of this stuff that I'm talking the biggest, most obnoxious highest flowers truck you can have in South Jersey like that robot. Just you know, there's that guy again like a list kid on top of the list kid on top of the list like a monster truck instead of Florida. Do you have something like that now or you? Just like he's always wanted a little got such little two inch slipping in it. It's nothing crazy. Conspicuous place would have tracked. You know, sentimental. Much attention wants to be inconspicuous. You wanna be conspicuous, Tommy? Well, I really hate that lottery. That's why I'm saying blow that money in one ear and out the other we're looking for. All right, Tommy. Good luck, basically. Monster truck. Yeah, Basically a monster truck like a street legal monster truck? Yes. Jessie and East Brunswick. You're on New Jersey One on 1.5. Hello. How are you guys? All right, Jesse. Hey. Right. So if if you guys want that, and I got the two million, I would love to buy myself my parents and my sister's house is in Fort Myers, Florida. We could all live around each other because right now, world spread apart. Would they like that, too, Jesse? They weren't We actually moved up here from Fort Myers. How long ago? Um, right after the recession back in a 4009. We moved up here. That was the first. That was the first time you were ever in New Jersey, like you were born and raised in Florida. I was actually born in Jersey. A month after I was born, My parents moved me out to Hawaii, and then we lived there for a couple of years. And then they moved up the Florida and I lived there. And so I moved up here. Oh, man. So then you had to deal with Jersey Winters. Yes, sir. Not fun driving in the snow. Two years ago, my car actually got hit by a snowplow. So that doesn't happen before Miles, does it, Jesse? No, sir. All right. Well, good luck. Hey, Jesse, Were you in the were you in the service? Spanish chance. Uh, no. I wish I could have been, But, uh, long story short. My parents were both in the Navy. I was about to go in the Navy and got in the bag car accident, and they wouldn't take me out. O E just you say, sir, a lot. That's all. It meant a lot. And you moved a lot. Yeah, that That's the only reason I was asking. Because that that's often a habit of veterans. Jesse. Thanks for your call. All right. I was just get the hell out of Jersey. Yeah. Yeah. Terry and Princeton. You're under jersey one a 1.5. Guy, Terry. Hello. Help you I hope you win it. Not for Mike to me. You just threw your whole family's too. Thank you, but I would love to get in my car and travel the U. S and figure out where I want to actually be, but I'll drive for the hole US. Well, 66 like 00, you would love it. You would love it. Did that a couple of times I drove cross country and oh, my God, There's nothing like it. It is such a free. I know you did that before You had case. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Now I don't do anything. I don't do a damn thing. Now. Now you go down the block block route. 66 go from Chicago to L. A I believe so. Yeah, because it was a song about a minute. Yeah, I mean, I know. I mean, the one stretch of it that I'm familiar with this simply like through that Southwest. Yes, and and going out to California. I'm not sure where it begins, though. But all of the, uh, definitely through the whole entire this. You gotta see the U. S. I mean, you know, and what you mean you could afford to see it. You could. You're gonna get out. I'm just going to use a just confuse the passenger car. You're gonna get an RV. No, I would just get a regular. Hey, look, if I wanted to million I'll have to get your V and sit in the corner in there and worry about hotels. I don't stop it The best all right? All right. Hey, Terry. Thanks for calling New Jersey 101.5. I can't get this stupid song out of my head, which The route. 66. Yeah. Oh, you know what song I had in my head. What's that? And I don't even know how I think this predates us. When she was talking about seeing the country I had see the us in your shit ruin that's like Is that before we were born, I think he sounds familiar, though. South to ST Louis Joplin, Missouri Oklahoma City. Just move on. I don't know. Jordy and browns Mills. You're on New Jersey One a 1.5. Hi. Thanks. We're doing it. This is how we love giving our money We're never gonna have. Yeah. I mean, I mean, you have to realize we're not. I mean, this is just like the ultimate what if obviously, but it's fun to think about. Um, well, I'm going to do this, no matter what. So Okay. What if this is on my bucket list? Okay. I want to go out to Napa Valley, California and go to all the different winery. But I also want You go up in the hot air balloon. At sunset. Wait. You're sober after those wineries to the kidding fall to your death. Well, I might need some wine just to be able to go up because I'm happy. Happened to be afraid of heights, too. Oh, no kidding. Is that part of like, Do you kind of want to do it to partly challenge yourself? Yes. Find a buddy. It's on my bucket list isn't something that I think would be fantastic to see. Oh, that would be cool, but doesn't off pretty awesome. All right, Dorothy. Hope you get it. Well, what I like about her is to her fun thing. That leaves so much money left. I mean, you could really just invest almost all that, like some people would call in and talk about how they want to buy a yacht. That's like, you know gonna be $700,000 right there, You know, she could maybe buy a small vineyard. And then went to a hot air balloon whenever she wanted their Ugo. Rosalee and Monroe. You're on New Jersey one on 1.5. Oh, are you okay? So what would you do with a $2 Million cut? I want to take my special needs daughter to Disney world. It's the only thing that's got it through this epidemic. We're going on the visual virtual tours of the rise,.

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