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The state of georgian and you know there's wedding parties as the things going on in the wedding parties are taking photographs everywhere in this two hundred men women with firearms walker nobody bat an eyelid it's not the bloodbath the media would have you believe in the anti learnt the the prohibitionist would have you believe just normal everyday americans going about their daily lives in a state were we're free mike lacoss will describe it at the wheel at birthday out julia was i was nervous the wife was nervous we weren't sure and by the end of uh uh by the end of the weekend it was a your question was this this holster mats my purse i might have to do a little bit more uh shopping yeah get it is you'll there's there's that bright there's there's picking up that holster as an accessory that you can actually show off you might want to spend a little bit more money may be get that shark skin writer that exotic alligator elephant were pigskin holster because you can openly carry instead of georgia well you know atlanta whether of the police chief likes it or not whether the liberal maher whites it or not it is lawful to carry your firearm in downtown atlanta and you can carry it openly now there are going to be secure zones around the stadium because the president's going to be here for and you're not going to be able to carry there but you hold it will you'll be told i am sorry sir there are no firearms allowed you're okay but you can carry elsewhere and then there by the way and the police chief do not have the authority to tell you not to bring your gun to atlanta you are lawabiding citizen if you're coming for the national football for the for the national collegiate championship game in suitably whatever it is in were you can.

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