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Pushing hospitals to the brink across the nation. More than 8.7 million cases have now been confirmed in the US CBS's Make Oliver reports. Some areas are now putting Koven 19 restrictions back in place like the city of Newark, New Jersey, starting tonight. Here in Newark, the state's largest city, all non essential businesses and indoor dining will shut down every night at eight o'clock until at least November. 10. On average, the number of new keep covert cases in the state has jumped by more than 45%. In the last two weeks, a record 70 million Americans have already voted with still one week to go until actual Election day. Correspondent Major Garrett is following mail in voting by party affiliation. Democrats currently in the Republicans, roughly 2 to 1, and then you see no affiliation otherwise known as independents. Let's go too early. In person voting well, Republicans are showing an advantage there. 42% 2. Democrats 37% again. No affiliation. Independence 21% How those independents fall very crucial in 2020, just as they were in 2016, the website for President Trump's reelection campaign was hacked today correspondent Katherine Howard says the campaign is working with law enforcement to figure out the source for a brief period. The Trump campaign website carried logos mimicking the FBI and just department seals. The text that included several spelling and grammar mistakes, accused the Trump campaign of spreading fake news. A campaign spokesman said. Law enforcement authorities are investigating. Catherine Herridge. CBS NEWS Washington A school bus driver and his seven year old child riding on the bus are dead following a terrible accident in Tennessee. CBS's Jim Crow Sula. The deadly accident between a school bus and the utility company truck happened on state Highway 58 near the town of Decatur and Meg's County in East Tennessee..

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