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A look back in history with Jack Harris. Well today in history for April, 29th in 14 2029 Joan of Arc arrived to relieve the siege of Orleans. In 18 62. The American Civil War. The capture of New Orleans by union forces under David Farragut. If they hung around on Bourbon Street. 18 64. The data Z fraternity is founded at Rentschler Polytechnic Institute, the only fraternity to be founded during the Civil war. Don't know if they Izzy is still around or not. I've never heard of it. Yeah, I haven't either. 1945 World War two. The furor bunker Adolf Hitler marries his long time partner, Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker and designated Admiral Karl Donuts as his Successor and then Hitler and Brawn. Both committed suicide following day. A great day in history that certainly Woz 1945 deck al concentration camp is liberated by U. S troops and that general horrifying. That must have been not realizing I mean, now with social media. I don't think that will ever happen where we wouldn't know the atrocities that would be taking place like we saw afterwards, and those concentration camps have Particular like 1953, the first U. S Experimental three d television broadcast. Showed an episode of Space Patrol. On Ella ABC affiliate K. T. C A. T V. Three d TV didn't work out too. Well, thank three d movies didn't jealousy a three d movie? I think so. Yeah, Yes. Because they had to have the glasses. Glasses. Remember? You're right. They were. I hated him because it's so annoying. You have to put the glasses on. If I get a niche in my I don't wanna wear the damn glasses for 2.5 hours. If you took him off, everything was blurred. In 1968. The controversy the controversial musical hair, a product of the hippie, counterculture and sexual revolution of the 19 sixties, opened at the Biltmore Theater on Broadway. With some of its songs becoming anthems of the anti Vietnam War movement. 1974 the Watergate scandal, US. President Richard Nixon announced the release of edited transcripts of White House tape recordings relating Who the scandal. You. You brought up some of the hair and some of the songs in that era that were anti war, You know, it's so That's why I hate politics involved in my music. Things like that. Because there are songs that I love that. I go back. I mean, Crosby, Stills Nash, perfect example. There are a lot of you know songs that were anti war anti Vietnam war. That I loved those songs, but I'm pro military. That's why I hate politics involved. Well, that's very true. 1975 the Vietnam War operation Frequent wind. The U. S. Begins to evacuate US citizens from Saigon before an expected North Vietnamese take over. And U. S involvement in the war came to an end 1975. I went over there and Was 65 10 years before that. 1992 riots in Los Angeles following the acquittal of police officers charged with excessive force in the beating of Rodney King. And over the next three days, 63 people were killed. And hundreds of buildings destroyed. That was during the Rodney King riots. That's one of the first you know, pieces of police brutality that we saw that we got that. You know, I was a little young at the time, but really what? She had to see that on camera on tape, and I think that changed a lot of things. In 2004. The final olds mobile was built in Lansing, Michigan, ending 107 years of vehicle production. That was a pretty good car, too. I remember the 56 or seven models on 2015 baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox. Set the all time low attendance smart for Major league baseball. We gas? Yeah, I guess how many fans were there? Low Attendance. Gabi really low 1220. I was gonna guess. 1200, so well, yeah. 00 Yeah. Fair Stadium was officially closed to the public because of the 2015 Baltimore protests. I remember that now, and that's a trick question. I don't like that collection. Well, you've got it one way or another. Well, we're gonna have Katie's story coming up here in a minute. I always look forward to that. Be excited. This is a big birthday day. A lot of folks having birthdays. We get a round of that at 8 29 on a M Tampa Bay..

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