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Definitely not. Way, I would have written it. I don't think that they would ever even make a movie about this. You know, write a book at the fictional book, but believe it. But Rangers in fiction. Yeah. So it's I truly do believe in through my faith, and I don't like to talk about that much. But it's I believe there's like I'm there's a plan there's playing for everybody. There's playing for me. And I'm good with his plan for me. So that's this is part of it. And for some reason, I'm going to I get to go through this, you know, and, and he's not the way I choose to do it. I don't want them to take the win away, but thinking back to the range of motions after the race of the highest of highs again and then to the moments leading up the phone call when I was changing I was still in my race suit after the race and was changing and I get a call that over in tech and it's not looking good, and, and I walk over there. Nobody will talk to you. So just there's, there's a reason this is all happening, and I'm good with it because I believe I believe it's gonna work out and I see the light for my career in NASCAR. And I wouldn't keep doing it if I didn't. But I have have enough people on my side that I feel like it's gonna work out. So definitely not able to join it up. I mean I'm still great with everybody. See, GR and working with those guys to just try to be the best racecar driver, I can be and let them teach me, you know, all their different philosophies of things, and same goes with colleague and premium and, and these motor sports, and then a few races at JD left. So as part of it, I don't know how you take, what's right and wrong, it's just you get up and fight every day. And that's all I do. We'll Jeff Burton sat right here on Mondays NASCAR America and said that he believes you're gonna make the playoffs you're gonna win again and make the top twenty points. And he said, it's because he's seen it he's seen you go through these challenges this adversity. And you always come out stronger. You're tough you have that ability when you go through something like what happened at Iowa Rosty, do you think back on all the ups and downs of the last year, and lean on that to help you get through the current versity or? It's kind of palate, spin. So what, what's any different like this is okay? Why I should probably should have expected something like this to happen. But, but yeah. No, it's just part of it. And I, I know we won that race. And that's what I say. We're going for a third one of the season, and that's a dream come true to be saying that, like, two, two years ago, I would I would have given my left arm to come and talk to you on a podcast and have won an expanded race. And then, you know, last time we talked we were talking about what it was going to be like going into the twenty nineteen season with the car. And then, and then now we're like you still invited me back after all that was gone. So it's like, oh well you're a good guest overseas. We landed on our feet and, and we keep fighting. And so we'll just keep fighting like they're going to hit us over the head. And then we'll punch right back. It doesn't matter. So as you mentioned Ross, you're going for your third win you had a win last month at Kansas speedway and appraise poured in on Twitter afterward. I saw Eric Jones Daniel Henrik Kyle Larson chase Elliott. Some really big names from the Cup series. Congratulate you. And I'm very happy. I'm sure that's partly because of your story, you have great story. No. You don't wanna be called the underdog, and I totally appreciate that. I think be nice if we could refer to you, as Ross Chastain fulltime high profile established ride Cup driver, your story is great. But I think also it speaks to your character that you had all those drivers come in say these positive things about you after the Kansas win. But it took me back to when we were talking here a few months ago at can Asiya on the podcast. You had had some run ins with guys Brennan gone. Joey gays Jimmy Clements..

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