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Short of ice Ramona came to the craft. Well, one one could only hope 'nother thing I've learned I mean feel free to jump in. But I mean, I've got another one is there's the theme of the pied piper. Which is just great because I believe one of the kids. I can't remember who it is the one who befriends the ice cream in. He's level small Paul. It's sounds like some third rate southern rapper. He's precocious and he's into this pied piper tale, it's the piper of Hamlyn believe in Germany, led the rats out of the town. And there's this constant metaphor and analogize ING of the ice cream in to the pied piper leading kids to their demise. And so that was interesting callback to maybe a soom. It's a Grimm fairy tale, it makes sense. I mean in the fairytale, look, I'm not familiar with with you. Although I do recall having a picture book of it as a kid the piper through his instrument. Does get a bunch of kids to follow him. I guess in the original version to their album it demise. And what we've got here is an ice cream man, who is poorly friend of kids with his Jonty melody that they which is of the beckoning siren call of the ice. Ref. Rocky guests kits the follow him. And although they do think they do feel this is command is a little bit. How shall we say eccentric? Yeah. I mean, they're totally excited every time he comes and. Okay. So what kids that he was leading a stray? I'm clearly conflicting Saint Patrick and his snakes with the pied piper of Hamlyn. All right. I don't know. Okay. Points out of my eyes. Fair enough. I mean, you do say that the man does have an affinity for kids. But he does any doesn't. I think he does because he really is a kid disobeyed kittens if development, but a lot of ways I don't think he was happy when he was a kid, nor do I think he's happy now. So I mean, you do get these lines like you little tourists. Gotta learn you can't run from the ice cream. Follow later on when they when the Cup start to close in on him. They started to interrupt his business says I'm I'm not for the impression I do. I'm this remand. I make children happy today. You've ruined the happiness. These children for many days. On this Africa, giving those kids happy I thought you're going to say policeman as fertilizer does this one of the great lines thing to say when investigating officers are on your premises. Maybe best leave that out. It's come up with a bunch of one liners another one of my favorites. That's what I call a brain freeze, which LaTour earlier just hilarious stuff wonderful movie. What did you learn? Well, the castles movie is phenomenal. This was releasing any five obviously, straight video idea recall this being on the suspect video you must see this wall for years using years. And for some reason, it was always one they would say, okay. Next time. I'm gonna rent it in the next I'm gonna rent it. And then next never came. So when we were discussing renewed for this podcast, and you just is crock move. We would never heard of that you meant ice cream. And let's do it. Ninety five. I mean, we we look at the cast of this movie. I mean, yes, you have David Naughton many years removed from his breakthrough role in American in London. But there's so many other actors in this movie that we've spoken about in other films on this podcast at the years. For example, David not is married to a lady Marian played by sandal Birdman, who we know from Conan the barbarian, I've got a Libya hussy again, please check out our black Christmas podcast, and we talked about back then I mean, she was key play Juliet and Franco Zeffirelli's Roman. Juliet, which was a film that they showed us in class or fifteen at that point. I do believe she was fifteen. She was also in Turkey shoot directed by good for Bryant transferred. Smith. So the and of course, black Christmas. Doug Llewellyn had a small part in this movie. I'm always sort of freaked out by words that start with two L's Lloyds Bank. It's seems wrong with probably just Welsh now, although we have never really discussed Doug Llewellyn before we all know Doug Llewellyn is the host of the people's court water review, so just gonna wear to judge twenty three dollars. God. Yeah. Now that I guess the guy from TMZ has that rule now. Right. Of course, John Michael vincit. We talked about him when we did alienate or. David warner. Another incredible. I talked about him in maybe a couple of ago. He played a Reverend by Reverend Langley kissing John reactor two hundred twenty credits to his name. We've seen him in. I've saw him recently. I watch in the madness Barbara's. He was that. He was another remind time after time how he's relevant to this podcast. Of course, he was an airport seventy nine aka airport eight all coming together, concord. So it's a veritable who the hell is that it's Jonah, but it's a really really cool eclectic cast. And and then when you put Clint Howard in there. He is definitely the leery on. Very. Yeah. Top of this ice cream sundaes that alone is worth the price of admission for this cast. There are so many great lines. I think I mentioned a number of them at one point when they are interviewing the, I guess you call them the director of the I can't remember keep free in the name, the wishing well Senator while sanitarium, he talks about howling have to three patients with compassion. Love. Only be followed by other patients screaming head off and the good doctor going. Many things. I mean this film. I've been gag where the one guy you where you don't know who's mad and who's the attending physician is the mad guy pretending to be the attending physician. So there's that and really cool inter-plays that goes all the way back. Dr Cal Gerry go. Oh, God look at that. Look at you elevating the tone of the discussion, see Lawrence. Yes. Excellent rating. Well, and before I do that. I want to mention is director of this film. Paul Norman is that you pull Norman, I don't know. Baroudi Norman, Paul Mormon. I I'm not familiar with this. And let me so I'm not familiar with this move is because this was only four into the world of major cinema other than that good. He's known for making a dull films pornographic movies. So you've got all these different elements of work here. And it also comes together to give you something that had I seen this nineteen ninety-five. I would have been all over it. I would have loved because same time in. Yeah. There are a few moments here. And there there little disturbing ish. Not really though, I mean again, the affirmation head in the Kono some body parts around. But really, I would say this child friendly horror. Oh for sure. And I would love it in ninety five. I loved it now. So I'm gonna give I can't give it four stars. Although I really want to. You know, what I'm gonna give it for good for you. What it is. Because the fact that I enjoyed this move from start to finish. I love the ice cream. I wish it would have made a sequel this movie. In fact, I believe at one point or whether it had a kick starter. Yeah. Bussed? Oh, well, maybe there's still hope maybe if this podcast becomes more popular, we can run our own little campaign to help that out up until now I would say that I isolated cone heads with Saturday Night Live. So it's interesting to see in a cone hair. And for my star rating, I'm going to ignore my Italian heritage. And I'm gonna give it three in honor of the Neopolitan swirl, which is and other great ice cream flavors. If you're sick of one you can combine it with another or you can have all three we end just scoop all the talk with. For more. Sweet delicious chat about your favorite genre cinema, particularly horror. Tune in every Friday to really awful movies podcast. And we'll talk to soon. They.

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