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Incredible, real quick. I just want to hit on the national anthem because you're right. There are two artists who are doing the national anthem. They're sharing that job. It's not an easy job, but with I'm surprised to see that the popular bed is under When I'm I'm for sure They're going to go over two minutes in my wrong It's hard to tell, especially for this one. Like I said, there's nothing really to go on. I would assume that it will be around two minutes. That's why I went kind of a flat. Two minutes. If you look in the past, a lot of done under that, to be honest, but it was one singer. We don't know The format is Eric searching is saying Is he gonna play guitar right now? We don't know how they said that. It's a good point you bring up because I gotta watch today because normally on the Wednesday or Thursday before the Super Bowl, they do a rehearsal. And if any leaks come out from that, it's usually pretty spot on to what they were first. So I got it. If I see a bunch of bets come in, at any point today, I got to shut that down and reassess sort of the the line on that. So, aside from watching, you know that Tens of thousands of bets coming in on the game itself. I gotta watch all these profits with my team, and it's just so tedious and like I said, it's fun, and I love it, but it's just a lot of work and We're all kind of like, Can't this just be over? But I've been doing this for over 13 years now, and it's you know, I'm just so used to it that it's just part of me at this point. So what's your day like the day after the Super Bowl? Are you one that wants to make that a holiday too? I wish I mean, thing is that the day after the Super Bowl is when all said and done, you know, I wake up in the morning and I'm just dreading people complaining about some of these cleavage props or these obscure props. And I'm just like, please go once a plane and that everything was clear and showed That's the number one thing and then you know it's looking at next year's Super Bowl right away right off the bat. We already have dogs up to that. Who, when next year's Super Bowl? Wow. Um you know, when the Chiefs favor to get 5 to 1, the only real big move would be the Rams right now since they got After they would've been about $2500 to 12 once you could already bet on that, so it doesn't end in this job, and it's sort of sometimes flawed work and you know a lot of long hours, but it's It's just become part of me and a zoo much sometimes I just want to shut my computer disappear. I love it. You know what? I wouldn't change for anything. So Adam, if you're a betting person, and you had the sports book betting dot Eiji just out of curiosity, which which certain prop should people be taking a close look at Well, there's nobody. No, I have the better as a better myself, And I do. But, um, you know if you're gonna look for some value in the game, the game itself right now, The Chiefs are minus three favorites on the spread. It's taking about 70% of the money's on the chief's actually. We're not moving to 3.5 right now, because when we did at the beginning last week, we saw quite a bit of smart or sharp money that we call coming on Tampa Bay getting the 3.5. So I think we're gonna hold this line pretty much as long as you can. So I'm still pouring on the game itself. Azad personal better, but at the book we're gonna need Tampa Bay. So I think I'm gonna have to put my money on Tampa Bay and Tom Brady on DCI with the book on that one. But if you're looking for some big value, but you know, M V P is a big one that people look at. You could get obviously my homes and Brady of the two favorites when M V p of the game. No, uh Held that 12 to 1 for not at 33 to 1 hilarity 50 to 1. You know, even some of the defensive players that 66 to 1 for Barrett or 66, the one for for Matthew, or for care, Paul and we see a lot of money on those things. Some people just want to throw 10 bucks 20 bucks instead of like that Look for a big payout. You know during the game, so there's all kinds of things to bet on throughout the game when you're looking at the more exotic ones. Look, I would say if you're a better you're looking at the cleavage promise of the anthem, props of the national problem. That sort of thing. Do your research. That's what we did. And if you're better than me, then go better. But you'll see a lot of line moves on those things just because of the volatility of it. And you know these those fun props. That's what therefore there for fun? Yeah, You can bet on it, but people like having it, you know. Whether they're doing their prop sheet with their friends, you know, on district in some some regions, obviously, Super Bowl parties might not be Popular with restrictions self, depending where you are, but you know, you could also bet on it instead of just doing your friends. I think a lot of people like that sort of thing that sat in Burns sports sports book manager from sports betting in that dot Eiji, by the way, what a great gig to have a business, sit around in the conference room and drink some beers. And think of new prop bets. Whether it's for the Super Bowl, just some of the random things, by the way, if you miss part of that conversation would like to get the entire conversation. You can subscribe to the bride, a boxer show I a radio app. It's completely free or 16 w t v and dot com..

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