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We're going full steam ahead, even if two teams can't partake. I think, even in the NFL, I think the same thing would happen that you could have multiple teams have an outbreak that where they said you guys just can't play for the rest of the season, and they would still plough through. But there is the risk that if you get sick, you topple your entire industry. So for multiple players to go to an indoor place. Where everybody's touchy, touchy all of the same stuff. I mean, look. If any of you guys have been in a casino, and I'm sure many of our listeners have When I go to a casino. I know I'm picking up something. I've never been more sick than coming home from Vegas. Never. I've never had the type of virus or bacteria strain that I had when I came back from Vegas one time. I came back. It was like this is just absolutely just laid me out because what you're touching everybody's Kharja touching the same screens toe poke it. Those At those levers into poked those Cherries and those sevens and everybody's picking up the same glasses and your touching the same tables and used some people. That casino I mean, my God, they look like death anyway. I mean, they're already walking in with her oxygen tank and their cigarettes and their hawking up a black lung. Anyway, It's like Jodie Mac in a wig at one of those slot machines. You know, everything is disgusting. I mean everything. And then you just see all these bro hams that are just, you know, bro, hugging one Now there then you know their coffin on their their shirt there smoking a cigarette in there. You know, just all upon one another, and you just know that they're not washing their hands. They're coughing their season. Just everything is everywhere and it's indoors. And there's no Windows. Okay. Casino is made for no windows in the entire casino. You're not supposed to know what time of day it is that you keep gambling. It's the weirdest thing in the world. You know, you go to a sports book, like I wonder if it's no wonder it's dark out. I have no idea. It's the desert. It's a different time zone and the Clippers game is on. It could be bright light. It could be dark. I have no idea. They want it that way. There's no ventilation. There's no windows. Everyone's touching everything, and it's indoors. And what do you think is gonna happen in the casino? And the Cardinals? Don't have this excuse of all we didn't know. Everybody knows the casino is one of the worst places you khun go to. You might as well sit in your hotel room and lick each other's ear. I mean, this is basically what you're doing. It's a bunch of strangers in close quarters with no ventilation, touching the same stuff. I mean, come on, so Okay. We don't necessarily know the cardinals were in a casino. But there's multiple reports that they were. Yeah, they deserve to get ripped for this. Yes. Of course, they deserve to get ripped for this. It's stupidity at its highest form. Is it legal? Sure. Go ahead. You've got at the casino but just know that when you do, you're running a really high risk of getting sick or at least interacting with a lot of people's droplets, and you don't know what they have, where they've been. You might not be scared of getting it, but it's not about that for the Cardinals. It's not even about whether the card is gonna get really sick and or die. It's about if they test positive. They can't play baseball. And if they can't play baseball enough of them that they can't play a baseball season, and they can earn a paycheck. That's the big deal here, even about with the health repercussions are necessarily of course, you don't want them getting other people sick, specifically the elderly or people that are high risk or their family members or whatever, but this is actually about a business. And of course you can rip the cardinals for going to the dopey this place ever Just lick a Petri dish. If you want to go to the casino, you adults, you morons. Of course this is gonna happen. Of course. I mean, the worst idea ever. When we come back here on the show, we are stunned to a news, D a CBS Sports Radio Guy Sleep is so important, especially if you're up late watching sports that are back your watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. You're watching the NBA's return..

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