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In the first time since he had some issues forearm which always scares me because you you got a guy that had cramping and then forearm stuff that that feels like maybe there might be something going on with the elbow darvish has gone through that before tyler chat would has the highest walk rate in the national league and i i wanna say the heat bumps up the last time i looked his walk rate is so high personally that it bumps up the cubs as a staff like ten percents so they they've had some struggles with guys in their rotation that they spent a lot of money on but good thing for them mike montgomery has stepped in been lights out as the this wing guy that has now put in a position where they need him to go six or seven innings every time out and so far he's been able to do that so i think that what we've seen from cubs fans is they get it they understand that you look at the record or joe madden in second half of seasons going all the way back his tampa tampa bay days it's incredible what his teams do so yes they're their fans who are uncomfortable with some of the stuff that has plagued the cubs in the first half of the season but i don't think that there's anyone that has has gotten off of this is the best team in the national league and the talent will rise once we get closer to the playoff time i couple of follow up questions on the pitching you mentioned chat warden is awful walks per nine ratio and that's exactly what it as awful he's always been a bit of a near blur and he's not a guy who is going to walk one or or one and a half or nine but this by far and away is worse than he's ever been at wrigley field the fact the pressure of pitching for the cubs a what is chat would attributing to his inability to strikes tell you that it's mechanical that joe madden keeps pointing to and it's something i've been paying attention to you over the last four or five starts since joe said this shot woods hands are very noisy as he comes set so they they have been experimenting with maybe.

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