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By the outlet online huge savings on the things you needed one it's up in the in the sense that. but as much as one tenth of a percent that he's a little mall weakness in the banking indexing that is largely an account all four of the week is not be seen continuing because of the scene in public sector banks as well as private sector banks giving away private sector banks here need a special mention concerning the wait is that they have in a cross on the lawn of the major indices in India and perhaps some responded for the Indian to be against the US dollar considering it has seen a lot of weakness awfully but for now we're looking at what a tentative moments a country at seventy two point three still a six month low and that he is once again going to be S. sure for the you know economy as well as exports essentially. I don't think very much for that talking about kill and truly it's only with a bit of a pulse of the finger on the pulse of the markets a ticket on the first for the headlines for you to round out the picture cross out the Tom mackenzie tough. thank you president trump has stoked the trade war saying China should do a deal soon all face much tougher terms if he wins next year's election he tweeted that the US is doing well in negotiations adding that he saw that Beijing were preferred to talk to a different administration in Washington he warned China that things would be fall holiday should he win a second term next year meanwhile China's president xi Jinping says the Communist Party must prepare for what he calls a long term struggle amid a slowing domestic economy and increasingly confrontational United States she while reports in saying officials must display a spirit of struggle to overcome the challenges facing China which will likely continue all the way through twenty forty nine hundred anniversary of the people's Republic. China has softened its tone on Hong Kong saying peaceful demonstrations all. violence would be punished officials also continued that support for chief executive Carrie lam and dismissed protested the moms for true universal suffrage meanwhile prominent democracy activists Georgia warm visited Taiwan chip for Hong Kong calling for mass demonstrations in support of the protest movement. the Stormers flattened and swung the Bahamas is aging north towards the eastern seaboard of the US leaving devastation in its way. is now a category two storm leaves the islands up to seventy percent on the water with ports and airfields out of action as rescue missions get on the way at least five people on known to have died but the government says the figure is expected to rise. Saudi Arabia is edging closer to allowing tourists to visit and we're told it's planning to open these applications at the end of this month they'll be available to around fifty countries and local media say they'll cost about.

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