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Bundy ran to the Mormon church is kind of refuge kind of thing. That was his angle at that point. They didn't know it was a bad guy. So they took him. They meant them joined the church baptize tat after we discussed the Turks with him and he made commitments. So we immediately started inviting our social events parties dinners, and he was a gourmet cook. And he cooked dinner for about seven of us fabulous cook. And we chatted and had fun and played games. It's actually not uncommon for sue killers to have quote unquote, a normal life whether violently killing people shortly after seven o'clock on the evening of November the eighth nineteen seventy-four Carol Dhiraj park Takhar, and this parking lot at the fashion mall shortly after began what she now calls her personal nightmare. What makes the Carol the raunch objection so pivotal is that she's the only one who ever got away from. Money. She was approached by man near Roldan's bookstore. This man identified himself as officer Rosalyn. And he said, do you drove a Camaro? She said, yes. So we'll my partners holding the suspect this individual tried to get into the car. Just starting to fill a little uneasy night thought I could smell alcohol, and that's when he just promptly pulled out. His wallet showed me a bad, but we walked across the street to a laundry mad, and there was a side door marked one thirty nine. And he said that was a substation any wouldn't drive and he said the doors locked he said, they would have to go down to the main Murray police department to sign a complaint drama Volkswagon, which I thought well bass kind of odd, but maybe undercover and I got in he had a downside straight. And then he suddenly pulled over a on the side of a curve by an elementary school. And that's when I just start freaking out. What are we doing accordia talks? She knows she's in the fight for her life, and he grabbed my arm, and he got one hand of on one rest, and he didn't get the other one on and the one was. Dangling. I had never been so frightened in my tire life. She jumped out of the car. The man jumped out waving what looked like a crowbar. She broke loose ran to the street flagged down a passing car and an elderly couple roved raunch to the Murray police station, the search for her doctor began, and so this is the first time we have an eyewitness of somebody who survives Bundy attack. Sometimes the the urges become such a compulsion that they can't control themselves. And that's when they make mistakes, his compulsion. That day was so high he had to kill somebody the first one didn't work out. He's now frustrated and so he goes to find a second victim. We were having dinner and apartment, it was when the composite pitchers of a so-called Ted murder were coming out in Salt Lake City because a girl had been kidnapped and she had survived and Ted said, I know how someone could do this. You would kidnap the person in one county take her to a second county murder throw her clothing in a fourth county on her body or body parts somewhere else. I think Ted was a little proud of how how he was getting away with it and explained exactly how he was doing knowing that we wouldn't ever catch on at the same time while he's committee new murders in Utah. The cops in the state of Washington are finding bones, and those bones are ultimately going to come back to haunt him. The bodies of four more young women were found on Taylor. Mountain all of them had been strangled or bludgeoned by this brutal killer. The heat is building up on Ted then starts looking for a do killing field. Colorado. It's the winner of nineteen seventy five and Ted bundy's. Gotta find a place where there's not a lot of talk about missing women and where he can blend in. So he heads up the mountains to Colorado. He was very familiar with ski resorts in Colorado already understood that those places are populated by basically strangers, and he was fit in quite well, he ends up in Aspen. On January twelfth nineteen seventy-five Karen Campbell disappeared from the wild would end. The end up at the Wildwood. Karen Campbell was a nurse from Michigan. She had come to the well with that just like David four Karen Campbell sat with her fiance. Dr Raymond Gutowski in front of a fire in the lobby of the Wildwood end. They had just finished dinner miss Campbell wanted a magazine from her room about eight o'clock in the evening. She caught the elevator to the lobby to the second floor. That was the last time. The Dow sqi saw her alive. There. Anyway. Gone thirty six days later, her nude body was found almost three miles away. True months later, he heads over to Vail and ends up killing twenty six year old ski instructor. Julie cunningham. He was just not gonna stop had more relationships with dead women by now than living women. There was all about the haunt. Bundy goes on this killing spree. It costs north west. And he kills three women a twenty four year old fifteen year old and a twelve year old. There was no pattern between Seattle and Utah and Colorado. There was no physical tide of them. There was nothing to loop altogether. In the summer of nineteen seventy-five, bundy's lock is changing. He was going from being the hunter to being the hunted. In Granger, Utah's a small suburb. It was like two o'clock in the morning. Cop is just getting off duty is name was Bob Hayward. And he saw this looks wagon parts in front of a house. You knew their two young women living there. Core. Kicked the burden. My lights on bright stepped on the gas. And he's it. Dale. Okay. Pixel big mistake. So there was a chase. He pulled a meal gas station stops stopped all my door. And he was out coming back towards me. I pull my magnum out to sit in the crotch of the door. Hold right there. Standstill. When Hayward comes up with the car. He sees that the seat is out. Electon that side. And this e was leeann in the backseat. Quarter space. You can stick a body. Says the seats broke out again fix. If I look through your car. In his car. He had what we would call burglary tools. The ski mask pantyhose with the is cut. He had a pair of handcuffs.

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