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Well i i mean that's that's pretty insane asking price i mean even when we're talking about the greatest trade price in the history of the nfl for a guy like nick falls who six weeks ago everybody was telling me we should bench infer nate sud felt ok or he was released by the kansas city chiefs aware at mean didn't work well with the st louis rams would may worth what he's worth to me it's going to depend on what that team that's desperate you need a quarterback much arizona yeah arizona i i don't think you're going to be able to get a first round pick i think you could get like a second round second round uh maybe a 'nother throw in pick at some point like a two thousand nineteen fifth round pick to go along with it are six round may be a third desperate but i don't think you're going to be able to ask for much more than that again nick falls was a he played great in the super bowl but let's not forget that that was one of the worst defense in football without one of their best players on the field i am still a believer that malcolm butler is playing in that game i'd like to say that the patriots win that game yes we still don't know why malcolm butler didn't play no i don't know either i don't we find out everything eventually novel the patriots you know in the now i mean crap i worked for them and i still can't find out the full story if you had asked my opinion just piecing things together i think there is some things that happened with in his hotel room and i don't know this so i'm not this is allegedly so no one comes out and just speculate okay i do think there was some things that went on in his hotel room that annoyed the team he was sick didn't practice well he came there a day late probably die no he has an agreed to their lowball contract terms which and noise them as well and i think at all ended into a where they tried to trade him in.

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