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And high on this show but it was really worth it without further ado. Let's go to the south of Munich and talk to David. Beth here comes the interview. It is a great pleasure for me today to have on the author. Respond cost a somebody. Well you and David Best Style. Everybody knows and we have been speaking to do an interview together for quite some time. And even we wanted to meet in Vienna because we don't live so far away you're in Munich. Vienna and dwell finally rather short notice and a very happy about it. And thank you for for doing it with a few days notice only and we have come together for this into and I'm very happy about that. So welcome David David. Best on this podcast cost. Well thank you very much. It's a great pleasure and like you said it's been coming and so yeah short notice but sometimes those short notice meetings the best exactly when you as we live in a period where things seemed to change day by any way around the world. So maybe that's part of it great to have you. David and I would like to start our talk today with a question that I normally put forward to most of my guests here which is well. We know what you are doing who you are most of the people who are listening to this. Podcast have an idea about that. You are running. The KOSPI nauseous movements to speak that you are also very important part of the publishing etc and but what would interest me to start with. Where did it all start for you? How did you become debuted? Best that you are today and how how did you get in? Touch with the occult and that world at first well. I think it's quite an interesting story. Maybe a little bit unusual as you may know. I was born in Africa and spend a lot of years in Africa as a child and adolescent. A father was working in the German the German secret service actually and based at the embassies and.

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