Alex Jones, Facebook, Iran discussed on Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning


To come to your What do. You do you have what do you got what I don't even know what you're talking about now Donald here I've? Lost track of Rosie? O'Donnell says when somebody dies maybe you'll shut up yeah Baby This Alex Jones sandwich will discuss. Later so all the big platforms like, Facebook, YouTube Twitter, taken Alex Jones, down and now there's some conservatives who think, that's you, know. Censorship the a lot of people who, believe Alex. Jones, I I think he's. Nuts he's bought every. Time I say that I get these nasty tweets that this guy knows what he's talking about inside. Information here's a lot of a lot of acolytes out. There here's here's the dilemma for a. Conservative I think he's, nuts but nutty people have a right to say what nutty thoughts are on their. Mind on the other, hand if you're your capitalist, Facebook yahu, YouTube these are private. Companies they're not run by the government and they have a right to exercise some policing over what's on their. Website it belongs to. Them it doesn't belong to the. People so when you talk about first amendment or first amendment applies, government it does not necessarily apply to Businesses but they're you know. They're going to be, conservatives and they already have, their screaming, censorship that they you. Know they're gonna start taking down conservative thoughts and stuff like that which you know these these sites are claiming. They're taking down hate. Speech and threatening and violence and. All that kind of stuff because listen anybody who's going to claim, the sandy hook is nonsense yes Is just nuts and shouldn't have a form but you. Know He, could go he could go to. A public park and that, and that would, be free speech I would be free sweets but you know he can't hear the right to walk into the headquarters of a corporation and stand in the lobby and start saying, that, they have the right to get rid. Of him saying no we're. Going to deal with this later we'll take your phone calls I'm sure a, lot of, people have. A lot of FOX on that. One but wow a lotta this. Is a. Hot August day it is a lot. To, discuss thank you Joe Bartlett for saving the big three yeah you save the big three because put a fire, under you guys Can you imagine if. We. Spent the first fifteen minutes sorry about Iranian sanctions well that was Snore but. It's important story it is I mean we're going against? Our, European brothers and. Were, were brothers It's working internally Iran is. A shambles rundown. Crumbling could, because he redeemed chains because it Trump well I'd like. To, see regime change that'd be great. I mean it's putting a. Lot of pressure on the, Iranian leadership yeah absolutely brought his Trump pompoms today I'm very proud. Of him sometimes he leaves them home but he's got these Maga pompoms that these. Men, waving all morning I seriously think Obama's deal, with Iran was going to prevent them from the, Obama hey when we did the. Deal that's, falling apart it's not falling apart because Trump's falling apart People who signed it think it's fine. They, think it's a deterrent it's just. Us when we return we'll. Update those deadly stories from, yesterday the freezer guy at Sarah Beth's and the baby in East. River hope you're enjoying this rewind.

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