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Thousand people at Arrowhead Stadium Yes in the rookie. Clyde Edwards. Was The star on offense for the chiefs running for one hundred, thirty, eight yards and score. Then, Hans us here along with the rest of the Heroes Greg Rosenthal, Mark Cellular and Chris Wesseling and West. This was not the type of game that you come to expect from Patrick Mahomes in the cheese where they're just wowing you with big play after big play. But at the end of the game you look up, they have thirty four points in their crews and passed another team that simply had no answers. And that's not counting the best. Throw the night which Patrick Mahomes put on demarcus Robinson's hands in the back of the end zone and he couldn't come down with it could have been a forty point gaming. You're talking about not hitting their stride quite yet. And relying more on on the rookie running back then the passing game so. As Greg set at one point late in the game, I'm here rooting for the chiefs like. To root for the Patriots. Just out of pure excellence in football right I mean you should be able to appreciate excellence greatness. I. Think. This is what Mahomes is what this team's going to be. In a reminded me. So much of the playoff game against the Texans in that. Okay. You can show a lot of different things defensively early and Chris Collins worth is going crazy and Dan is really getting excited about dream weaver, the attractive new defensive coordinator for the Texans Anthony Weaver and it's like, wow, they're really coach Jenin. They're mixing them up and it's like, okay, that's great for like two or three drives and then Andy Reid and Patrick mahomes kind of figures out what you're doing tonight, what they needed to do to win with just the slowly move the ball up. So it's okay we'll do that and we'll have thirty one points with eleven minutes left in the game and When you were doing well early, it was like one punt and drop touchdown in the end zone. You really didn't do them it just they make it look so easy. It's wild point to their drive. There was a sixteen play, ninety, one yard drive the made it fourteen. You, get down fourteen seven of the chiefs. It feels like a lot different than it does to other teams that that eight nine plus minutes off the clock. I just there's another thing that stuck out to me. We spent months saying that you know week one if it ever even happened would be sloppy. It would be a hot mess that even you know veteran laden teams would be figuring themselves out one penalty by the chiefs for five yards and in. Greg spent part of our preview show on Youtube live session talking about how Andy Reid historically. With the chiefs has come out and drop bombs on teams in week one in there were a lot of issues for everyone this time around. But I thought they got cleaners the game went along and they just simply look at they had to win a little bit of a different way today but I see a team with Edwards e layer who gives them a totally new dynamic in the backfield and they get interception biology need their fourth-round cornerback. They have younger players adding to a team that seemed invincible year ago I'd be a little bit. A little bit terrified if I were in the AFC west or parts beyond. I mean I wouldn't hand out lollipops just yet. Let's see the rest of the week one schedule because the the chiefs have continuity on their side and they have Patrick mahomes offense. That's pretty much constructed as it was last year But listen this is a great great team and by the way yeah, I don't know what the scientists were saying but yes. Oh. You should be able to truly appreciate greatness, right. But when it happens twenty straight years and that teams from the Division that your favorite teams and maybe it's not so beautiful. It's not some ballet on the Gridiron. But whatever for now, though I, agree with you because I'm not a huge fan I don't have skin in the game, but it is fun to watch this team. That's a now a juggernaut. It's defending super bowl champion that it feels like we're just getting to know this team at this is going to be a team that's in the mix and is going to be a high-level power in the NFL potentially years to come and you know on the Texan side of the ball. I thought you know a lot of the same issues. deandre Hopkins isn't there and I know will fuller statistically when you look at the box score, it's like look he stepped right into hopkins shoes but that's really not what happened here Kurt Warner I was listening to a little bit of the game on Westwood One we went to wesseling manner with. A Western. LAKISHA. Oh Yeah. Young link and West mother-in-law and we we were watching the game and once it got out of hand in the fourth quarter Droebak in Kurt, Warner made a good point. He was Kinda getting on the roster construction a bill O'Brien's table a bit which is listen when you have this many number to establish number two receivers. Tricky to like ask somebody to become the number one guy and what was happening too much in this game is what tends to happen when the Texans defense offense gets bogged down which is. Plays aren't opening up and all of a sudden. You see the Shawn Watson dancing around trying to make something happen desperately, and that only goes so far and we saw that again you hope that's not a sign of things to come for the Texans this season, but it was today it was today they struggled to protect him and they couldn't get anything open deep Titus Howard. In particular struggled in pass protection that was the problem and I and I think that that point by Kurt, Warner is fair but also with the Shawn Watson is so used to looking at the Andrea. Hopkins and throwing to him and key situations whether he's covered or uncovered, and it's going to take him time to get used to these new guys I. Thought it was interesting that. Randall Cobb and Willfuller played twice as many snaps is Kenny stills and Brandin cooks. Cooks is at an injury so that partly explains that but you wouldn't have known cobb played that many snaps mean. I think. For twenty three yards. It's a lot garbage. Offense I was impressed though by the chiefs defense I mean this is a reminder when Frank Clark and Chris Jones together and healthy, which they really weren't for most of last year until the very end when their defense played the best they played all year. That's a really. Strong tandem in..

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