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Dan orlovsky is gonna join us in fifteen minutes greg cody of the miami herald in with us one of his best back in my days ever. I thought all right very confident very strong. <hes> funny <hes> also funny is the way that that stugatz is adoring the way that kepco is behaving on the golf course arrived and he is a golfer it. It's it's really funny because he is taking a flame thrower to golf he is. He's not afraid to say anything. He said. After winning his first major he's is one of the five best golfers in the world and he was right in fact. I think he's probably the best golfer in the world and then bryce into shambo who is the guy who was widely criticized criticized <hes> and held up as a symbol for slow play on the p._g._a. Tour who's also you're kinda guy by the way because he brings a protracted onto the of course i mean he breaks down everything and he's going to take his time over an eight foot putt and this past week and he took two minutes and kept got got mad and he's you know had had saw social media. He's got a pointing out that the shambo is very very slow and so on the practice green the next day <hes> to shambles caddy goes up to kepco or does shambo goes up to a cap because caddies brooks at something to say. Tell them to say to my face. A minute later. Kepco arrives at his face sure love it. I'm sure or and i don't know i don't know how to do this because just the name brooks is not intimidated. The name brooks belongs in golf golf. This attitude does not belong to someone named brooks. His biceps are very intimidating chiseled. Look i think we can all get behind. Let's speed it up a little. It'll in golf but this brooks kept thinks that just because he's won a bunch of majors and he's golfer of the last couple of wait a minute to slow down there just because he's won a bunch of majors majors good enough reason to be out of you. That doesn't mean that every golfer now needs to act exactly like i do sorry brooks capture that you don't need to practice and that you walk up to every ball and just swing right away in your amazing. Sorry that doesn't work for everybody we. They've been playing golf a longtime. Sorry i'm going to read this putt granted to to the point though of speeding up golf bryson or whatever his name is the shampoo over that for two minutes and then missed the putt. There's gonna stand over two minutes and it's eight feet. You gotta make with that. I just feel this arrogance from books. Cavill we get it. You're great but you're not gonna change golf. Not everybody is going to start just gripping and ripping it all right. Some people are going to read putts. Get over yourself. I'm actually with chris on this. I love that kept good just just like hey you know what i say to my face and then he's in your face saying i do love that part of kept gaza but i also agree with chris blight pace. If you wanna play quickly go ahead what otherwise low in chris cody is arguing against happy gilmore. Why why are you arguing against the golfer who comes out there and there's just take urinating on all of golf's ruined not happy gilmore. He's not saying let's go out there and be wacky and fun he's saying let's everyone do exactly how i say. Let's be quick. No speedup hurry up happy. Gilmore wasn't like that gilmore was like hey you do what you want. I'll do it..

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