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Three at newsradio eight forty w h a s our top story louisville metro police will have all hands on deck for today's immigration demonstrations lapd chief steve conrad says there have been credible reports of protesters planning on bringing guns we have seen situations in which these demonstrations have turned deadly we don't want that to happen here but i would be remiss if i did not let the public know that there is the potential for violence to prevent the opportunity for violence police are asking protesters with occupy ice to enter from seventh and broadway counter protesters are asked to enter from seventh and chestnut haley hanson newsradio eight forty w h a s there's no body camera video of louisville metro police fatally shooting a man this week are paul miles is following up the nine one one calls reported a man holding his wife at knife point at the colonial oaks apartments on southside dried the suspect rod faulk re solomon was shot and killed by police officer brandon hogan the sergeant who fired his weapon was a member of our swat team he was not wearing a body camera chief steve conrad says the swat team has yet to be a quick with body cameras hogan shot salman with his ar fifteen rifle paul miles newsradio eight forty w h a s it was a light show overnight when clarksville fire was dispatched to the a one pallet company on progress way this morning the blaze was called in at about twelve thirty and clarksville fire asked for and received help from the jeffersonville fire department it took both of those groups almost forty five minutes to get that pallet fire under control no word on what caused the blaze five people charged in a double murder in frankfurt jared more in dustin johnson were shot at a home on alexander street last week police have said arrested twenty year old juanita durham eighteenyearold bracelet leak twentythreeyearold morgan crutchfield twenty eight year old ricky theus wesleyan leroy love we're not used to this much stuff happening at once and it seemed like it's all happened within a.

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