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The Reds placed Anthony DeSclafani on the paternity list earlier today and to take his place on the roster they selected from the alternate side left handed pitcher Jesse Biddle the 28 years It was signed to a minor league contract by the Reds back in the middle of January. You know, I think that any time that you become a free agent, you know this offseason I had surgery. I was a free agent. I was taken off the 40 man. And I was coming off a pretty rough year last year. Uh, you know, you don't take anything for granted no situations, So I'm just keeping my head down and found an organization that really believes in me and has given me an opportunity that I'm just gonna do the best I can and make the most of it. I'm just very, very grateful to this organization. They've been unbelievable since they weren't Biddle was asked what his role will be with the red. You know, I'm a reliever. So 11 run game, one round game tie game in the 15th. I take the ball whenever they call my name, and I'm always happy to do it. Every single pitch I've thrown in the big leagues is honestly it's It's an honor on DH some that I don't take lightly. Since summer camp began. Biddle has spent his time at the alternate site a Que Presque au Park and talked about working out There is an interesting thing. I think at first, you know, we had Coaches who are playing the field strength coaches in the outfield. Coaches were on firing there. Also all hitting coaches, not pitching coaches, which is its own issue, and you know it was really difficult in the beginning to stay motivated. But as time went on, you kind of realize that this is the situation that you're given. These are the cards that you're dealt and complaining about isn't doing anybody any favors. And you see guys like Thornburg, we're going up to the big leagues and immediately having a real impact on do you just want to be a part of that? So I think all of us Found a really nice rhythm and you're going to see anybody who's coming off her grass. Cho is ready to go for appearing on the pregame show. Some guests receive a $100 gift card from Montgomery in Montgomery in the undisputed ribs King. This is the Reds radio network. Belterra Park. Cincinnati is who we are, and who reserved with an.

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