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The charter flights. Legendary today show weatherman Willard Scott has died. These are fantastic onions from Washington State Wallop wallop. Where is going to be about 95 degrees today? So colleague Al Rocker posting the news on Social media saying Willard Scott passed peacefully Saturday morning surrounded by his family. Willard Scott was 87, nearly a third of Americans live in a county that's been hit by a weather disaster just in the past three months. Washington Post Analysis of federal disaster declaration shows 64% live in places that experienced a multi day heatwave and many in the Southwest are about to get hit. With that again. Forecasters say a high pressure system is coaching the mercury to rise between five and 15 degrees higher than average starting today, lasting the next few days and comedian few Kwan Johnson and two others are dead after a suspected drug overdose. I wish I had a British accent means me like Peter Parker. TMC, saying 1/4 person comedian Kate Quigley also hospitalized in critical condition after police arrived and found them dead or unresponsive in an L. A apartment. Police believe the for ingested cocaine laced with fentanyl. Scott Carr, NBC news radio Search for five missing sailors whose military helicopter crashed off the coast of California Tuesday has been called off. The Navy says it's now a recovery mission and the five missing sailors are declared dead. The Navy says the helicopter crashed into the ocean near San Diego during a routine flight operation from the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft carrier. Nearly one out of three of US in the US live in a county now affected by a weather disaster over the past three months. An analysis of federal disaster declarations by the Washington Post shows 64% live in the Place that's experienced a dangerous multi day heatwave record setting temperatures in the Pacific Northwest has killed people in their own homes, while wildfires have raged through five million acres of parched forest boxing. Great Oscar De La Hoya continues to recover from the coronavirus, The East L. A boxer announcing on Twitter Friday he has the disease despite being fully vaccinated and taking lots of other precautions. The chances of You're getting cold, taking care of myself, and it's really, really kicked my ass. Delahoya hopes to be back in the ring before the end of the year Tennis star Naomi Osaka stepping away from the sport for now, after a.

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