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Would be great for her collection for some reason. This hippie girl went into the room. Grab this old antique doll and held it as she slit her own throat. And as she's holding you look down and guess what it is straight can you guess Does it begin with i yup. I'm chuck it's chuck. I m yes it is it is. It is the titular doll annabelle. And the blood seeping out of. This woman's neck drips into the little doll eye socket of annabel. Why wouldn't it. Why wouldn't it. I mean where else is gonna go right sweat question question. Don't know where it's going to go okay. Is this Gypsy woman who is bled onto this doll. Does she have a gypsy curse. Well we get to know a little bit about her in a movie later on. We don't we. We don't really find that out in this movie. We get to learn about that a little later when we actually do a prequel to the prequel. But that's not this. This is just a prequel creation is. That's where it gets okay. Yeah you're picking up when i'm putting that's where we're gonna take care of all that so you know as it turns out there. The lady is fine. She gives birth to her child. The child is born healthy. It's all good. The main stabbed being stabbed in the side yet tough as nails. This baby tough as nails. She does all good. It's all good. It was a scare for sure but the baby was all good. Okay so they throw out annabel but for some reason it doesn't work the woman. She puts them Pop some jiffy pop popcorn on the stove. Guess what accidentally burns the house to the ground. You can only assume that. Annabelle had something to do with it. Though the idea is that the spirit is now in the house and has figured out a way to light the house on fire. Their whole house burns down. They have to move to an apartment building and basically what we watch throughout this film is. There is a demon inside this. Annabelle doll and that demon much. Like the you know you talk about chucky. What was chunkys main goal on this planet to become human exactly today. We wanted to get again. Yeah yeah yeah and so. This is what we want to do. If you're a demon. I mean you don't wanna you don't wanna be a doll right lake right person so the whole movie is basically the doll trying to get the soul inside of a baby. Right doll is trying to possess the baby and the mom has to protect the baby and the mom thinks she's going crazy but she's not going crazy because there really is a demon dog lives in her house. I mean you can see where people would think that she was nuts. But there really is a demon dole in her house and she can't get rid of it. They throw it in the trash logo. The original okay. Yeah won't go won't go away so now there is Throughout the film there. Is this a librarian that they meet. That is very helpful with Explaining plot points the movie like she. She somehow knows everything and she is. She's she's super good at explaining what's going on just a great voice of reason and basically what we get to at the end is The mom is ready to. She gets the annabelle doll and she's ready to jump out the window and kill herself but take the doll with her so that the doll leaves her baby alone and the husband's like i can't let you do that. It doesn't happen. The librarian grabs the doll. Who had all the great plot points to explain to us. The librarian grabs the doll. She chucks herself out a window. She's dad we think everything's good the daw evidence to an antique store and we see in the post credits scene. We see the doll ends up in an antique store. It's bought by an old lady who i think gives it to a family member. The nurses that we saw in the beginning of the contrary right see the economy is made.

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