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A chair for eight hours a day. One of the things I talk about is wild plantain take legemaate take these are two of the of the five characteristics that you see prevalent amongst all blues owns these areas where there are a higher than the normal level of people who have very long time. You also see absence of smoking. You see, you see a large amount of time spent with family and love and social relationships. You don't see people exercising much. You actually see very little exercise in a box stepping into a cross fit wad beating yourself up with a barbell. Instead people engage in low level physical activity usually in nature all day long. So it's very interesting we can learn from a lot of these relations. But yes, something simple as as learning how to identify wi- plants that grow in nature around you and rather than picking them up or mowing them to pieces, you eat them, put them in smoothies. That's fascinating. So in the blue zone study. So the blue zone is concept. That that dentis areas in the world where people live unusually long amount of time. For example, incident, you get ten x number of people living to the hundreds as you do in the United States. So scientists studied this, they label these areas blue and Ben where you find a lot of Smurfs these balloons and then you're saying that it has little to do with exercise, but more to do with moderate activities such as walking and with eating healthy. Exactly. You know when when you look at the way that society is built, whether it's the doctor's office, whether it's, I mean, ironically, as conceive, even a conference room, you'll full of.

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