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Your team won the world series ultimately in a fantastic series, seven games against the Yankees, but fifty seven and one forty, two, clearly one of the reasons why they won that year, and just man just fascinated. That's one of my favorites. Whenever somebody says steroids or a year whatever I was, go gonzales so one fifty seven. The Guy was a string bean. Could he possibly fifty seven, being the size that he is the only pitcher on the list. That I have here. Eric Ganja from two to four pretty much known. That's that's when things happen for him. Because he came up as a starter for the for the dodgers five one five. And a four seven five era in two thousand and two thousand one, those are full years, those one hundred innings plus. So, then he decides to reinvent himself in the bullpen quote, unquote reinvent yourself two thousand and two one nine seven era, an eighty two innings, two, thousand and three one to. Era In fifty five saves at eighty two innings, and in two thousand four to one ninety Ra in eighty two innings, so he had a streak there of what was at eighty, five straight saves Interro fifty-five one year. Just like what dude you go from a struggling starting pitcher, who's not gonna be able to make the big leagues to winning a Cy Young and finishing sixth in the MVP voting as closer fifty five innings, a one to fifty five saves in eighty two innings a one. Yeah yeah, clearly ab something going on there and your back pocket. Mr Gonyea but I'm surprised that more pitchers are on the list again. Everybody thinks steroids think hitters, deep ball power home runs, but I think pitching. fastballs I think recovery I think relievers throwing every day I think. GONYEA is a perfect example about Al. pitchers could have been leveraging this stuff back in the nineties, but I am not by any means advocating for steroid use in baseball. Obviously, everybody knows it's crazy, legal now crazy amounts of testing, but just a fascinating era in the late nineties early two thousands with no testing to you see guys who hit thirty home runs tops come out and just pop fifty seven out of nowhere and just assume that the best shape of my life and we're seeing the ball well now. That's not how it works, so we're. We're onto you. Oh shucks! That'll wrap it up for the four segment. Here of the GMC baseball podcast brought to you by the. PODCAST network we're going to pause right now for word from one of our sponsors and one of our sister shows, but when we come back, we're diving into baseball. Reference Straddle Matic. We're going to get an update on the simulation. See what's going on, so stick.

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