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Wish. Coming up at five fifteen with MAC and Gaydos, Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone. We'll see what he thinks about the Glendale police officer chasing the man eleven times. This is the story. Everybody continues to talk about yesterday Glendale police had a briefing. So just to walk you through it, really quick. The police pulled over a car two years ago. I know we're just hearing about this. Now, we're seeing the video you can see it a KTAR dot com and the passenger that they were trying to pull out of the car. He got stuck on. I guess the seat belt as the guy eleven times once in the groin. And so so there's a huge lawsuit yesterday. The Glendale police department had a briefing with the media, right? Peterson more KTAR news reporter went to that briefing. And basically what he told us was well Glendale police they went through the timeline of events. I the officer Matthew Schneider did this. He did this. He did this. And they basically justified every one of his actions within department policy except for one. There was a moment. And they admitted this in their internal review that officers Schneider had hadn't cuffed Johnny week Kroft. He had stopped resisting. And then he tastes again Schneider did and that just agitated him again. Obviously, the whole situation started up all over again, what looked like had stopped at a certain point just got reignited. Because at that one moment is when Schneider retail. I the Johnny week Croft and then the whole whole scuffle, ensued. Okay. So the police are saying he used a taser several times on week Croft. And that was okay. Are they saying the last time he teased him where he teased him in the testicle was the one that went over the line, though, they're saying the one in the middle of the really be fixed one is about right? Yeah. Maybe the fifth or sixth one was the one that was unjustified. But then when it came to the testicle, they said, no, no, no. We have no evidence that he was taste in the testicle wheat cross. He was taste. Okay. Let's do a little bit of anatomy here muscle area next to the testicles well somewhere in between the guy and the janitorial in the groin in the groin that. That's where they were saying that the where the tasers landed week Crofts and his attorneys said, no that's not true at all. It was where we said it was and police wouldn't give many more details beside that Peter seymour's joining us KTAR news reporter trying to figure out what the Glendale police said yesterday if they're briefing did they say anything about pulling the suspect's pants down. Because when I hear that a police officer pulls a man's pants down. And then tasers them anywhere near a testicle. I don't know what you're doing and he's complying if you are able to. Yeah. He's not resist. What did they say about the actual pulling of the man's pants down? Because if you're on top of a guy your pants down, and you've got a taser and you put it anywhere near his groin, man. You're tasing him in the testicles. Yeah. What did they say? So the police said, well, he was wearing some shorts and they were loose. They were not tied up and secured. So that they wouldn't come off as waste that the shorts came off during the scuffle during the encounter. Once it had reached a wet from the car to the ground. And that it was an accident that the shirts came off. Again, we crofton looks like the video to say, otherwise, that's what the police are going by that's their story and that stick their sticking to that. Let me let me let me put you on the spot here. Peter, I know you're a reporter. You're not supposed to give your opinion. But. Does it when they were showing the video to the BS meter go off? Did you see how they pulled down? His because we clearly saw it. We don't in other words, we didn't see the pants kind of fall off on their own. We saw somebody pulling the pants down. So did you see that as well? And what was the reaction of the people who were there when they said, oh, no, no, no, the police didn't pull the pants down. Well, that was the impression. I got that the police did just that. But of what the other reporters in the room. I'll say it where more than I was. And they they said, no, that's just not true the video shows opposite. And then the police back the police did not push back and they wanted to put as little information as they could out in this media briefing yesterday because they want to make sure they're not putting other material out there that could be subpoenaed that could be brought up against them. They knew their Miranda rights. They they were trying to just here's the video. We're going to give you the time line without commentary, and we're not going to say anything more than that. All right. That's Peter Seymour. KTAR news reporter he went to the. Glendale PD briefing. This is this is this doesn't look good. Oh, no. It's no. It does not know. It does not you can see the video if you wish KTAR dot com. We're going to get more into the Glendale. Police department story in what happened in what what went wrong with Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone when he joins to the five fifteen for his monthly exclusive interview. Yeah. All right. We're going to get some traffic with detour Dan, Becky Lynn's coming up with news. But when we come back. There's a really awesome story about is. It a mom walking around her son's college campus trying to get him a date. That's crazy. Not awesome. Are you kidding me? But it's awesome. We get to talk about it is crazy. Yeah. We want you to call us a two seven seven KTAR did your parents ever set you up on a date. And maybe you're embarrassed. It didn't go real. Well, or did you marry the person do parents always know best six zero two two seven seven KTAR? Drive,.

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