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Has of course had to present. Yes. One hundred percent becherman job is not jeopardy by this press. Absolutely. That's very district. Court exam is scheduled for today in Detroit for a man in a case that the Wayne County prosecutor worthy says is another example of the massive problem of domestic violence. Here's WJR is. Gene Fogel, research showed Robert easily Calloway has been charged with attempted murder of his twenty five year old wife police say he had sexually assaulted the woman at a hotel and harbor woods on November twenty fifth. The next day showed up at the FedEx ground distribution center. Lavonia were wife work as she got out of the curry fired a shotgun grazing her. He then reloaded shot her in the back. He fled the scene and led police on a high speed chase down. The eastbound I ninety six freeway before officers were able to disable his car. The wife survived the attack easily Calloway faces up to life in prison on the charges against him. Gene, Fogel, WJR news. Also accord exam coming up for a Sterling Heights man charge. In the fatal shooting of a transgender woman. Forty six year old Albert weather's charged in the death of thirty six year old Kelly staff of Detroit police officer spotted stops body on the street on east mcnichols near brush about six in the morning, December seventh Wayne County prosecutor's office says that weather's later was arrested through the efforts of the fair. Michigan Justice project a dog with only one working I lost for a week in the UP reunited with his owners in a white husky mix was found seven days after disappearing in the forest around the pictured rocks Syra Cortez at Alex buyer from Farmington hills, tried everything to find their dog at one point the even grilled hamburgers in the woods, hoping the aroma would get his attention. But almost a week later. Another couple driving in the area spotted, Ian, they call the number on his dog tag in a rescue group, reunited Cortez buyer and their one.

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