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How are you doing today? I think from what we understand you're actually in town. You've got some stuff going on. How are you? I am doing wonderfully. And I'm so happy to be home. But I have to say guys what's with this cold weather. I know we don't know it either. I we don't know. What's going on? Either MAC is wearing long Johns today. I'm very uncomfortable. Senator. Yeah. You didn't have to share that with. Right. It is called. It's going to be worse over the next couple of days when you head back to DC we go back to DC Sunday evening. And luckily, I'm not there today because they've got seven inches of snow today. Could be a lot worse. It definitely in Washington DC. But over the next couple of days is going to be bad. So a Senator let's let's talk about this President Trump and national emergency on the border. So you guys in congress gave him like one point three billion something like that said, hey, go ahead and do your wall, maybe fifty miles and he said, yeah, that's just not enough. I'll take your money. But now I'm going to of do an end around. Senator. Do you think Trump overstepped his boundaries declaring a national emergency? Well, maybe clear I believe it is Congress's duty to address issues of border security, including appropriating dollars about physical barriers such as walls when appropriate but also to do things like increase. Stopping at customs and border patrol for ports of entry. You guys know this Arizona's no this most of the elicit drugs that come into our country, actually, come through our ports of entry. So we appropriated more dollars for those ports of entry for customs and border patrol. We want to spend money on technology, you know, drones and cameras and towers to really help support our customer patrol agents in our border patrol agents in interdicting the bad guy. We did include some funding for physical barriers. Most Arizonans would agree that walls were appropriate in some places and do make a difference. But they're not the only answer. So well, congress did its job by appropriating money for this effort. I think most of us would agree that we haven't completed the work. They're still more for us to do in my opinion is that it is Congress's job picking that work. We are responsible for appropriate dollars and directing them to. To the types of border security measures that we believe based on our consultation with experts is appropriate to creep full border security. So you think he did overstep that he should have taken the money from you guys and went and did his thing and not look for another eight or nine billion why appropriate if the president wants to ask congress to continue to appropriate additional dollars, and it's our job to consider his request. But he just Congress's job to make these decisions about appropriating dollars. And I gotta tell you guys I seen some news reports. I know just like you have that taking dollars from some of these other areas could be could be little bit dangerous for us here in Arizona. Luke air force base could be impacted and I'm concerned about that. We've got to make sure that our men and women in uniform are always ready to defend our country. Whether it's in preparation training or in getting ready for deployment Senator Kirsten cinema joins us for a monthly exclusive interview. View. I'm glad you mentioned that because I'm concerned as well about. Okay. Where is the money being taken from and how does that affect era? Zona you mentioned Luke air force base. Can you be specific what would happen or what would be less than than than optimal? If it was taken from Luke air force base. Can you be specific how that would affect us absolutely guys? Well, this was actually reported yesterday morning and the Arizona central website that there are two projects on Luke air force base that could be at risk under this emergency. And these are projects that are really crucial for f thirty five program as you guys know, we are the home for the f thirty five and we're working to expand it to help create more Johnson, of course, increase national security. So the f thirty five program is still growing and right now at Luke air force base. They don't have enough space to train all the pilots that we have ready to prepare to fight at thirty five and we don't have enough space to adequately maintain after. That we have on the f thirty five that are continuing to come as there produced throughout the country right now, Luke air force base, if expecting about forty million dollars just this year, and you know, guys we worked really hard as a BI partisan delegation in the house last year to make sure that we got this forty million appropriated four Luke air force base. And of course, now that forty million is at risk, and that's that's really concerning because this structure has to be completed by March of twenty twenty one, and that means they've got to get those dollars in the door now, and they've got gotta start rowing this in order for us to be ready for additional squadron of f thirty five pilots by that that pot of money is now at risk because of this national emergency. So we're concerned about that. Are you are you are you also concerned about interdiction programs on the border at the ports of entry may be affected. That's what I'm most concerned taking money, then they're gonna take money from the interdiction park. And that we may not have as affective as we could at ports of entry and other places to make sure that the drugs don't come across. If that what you're saying is really really important because those of us who live in border states and border communities. No doubt making sure that you have situational and operational control. The border isn't jumped about building barriers barriers are a part of it. But you gotta have staffing and technology. So that you can do the interdiction efforts that recent sentinel best that happens in Nogales that was due to the hard work of our agents on the technology. They have if you start removing funds from those pots of money, then you're actually reducing your ability to stop the greatest and most dangerous flow of illicit goods. Which is drug trafficking through our ports of entry. And you guys know this that the trafficking of people continues to happen largely in Arizona. Through more dangerous terrain, but it's the seem really dangerous gangs like sina Loa and others rank or trafficking both drugs and people into the country often taking advantage of these individuals and forcing them to actors drug meals. So we cannot reduce the funding. We absolutely cannot reduce the funding for these interdiction efforts that involves the person power and technology Senator Kirsten cinema is with us. So you got your first Senate Bill the legion act and it aims to give all veterans access to the American Legion. Can you tell everybody why that's important? What does the American Legion? Do that kind of thing. Absolutely. I'm really proud of this legislation. We introduce it last week. And it basically allows veterans who didn't serve in direct battle during direct wars to have an opportunity to join.

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