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John batchelor show is he so anyway ace i'm john mass williams almonds nouveau gobert is life and times last generalsecretary president soviet union the soviet union reigned over the horrors and the tragedies of the 20th century as we and the 20th century however the soviet union doesn't have good succession plans it's politburo the members of the politburo and the candidate members of the politburo are all very senior figures most of whom have been scarred by the war with the hitler rights and uh had founded their lives on the cold war with unit with the americans but here they are in a state that is not working successfully and it has parts of its empire that are um pulling away for example the east germans what's wrong with east german says that they can see the west germans and they see how well they are doing gorbachev get a called come to moscow because he's been put up as a secretary of the central committee what does that mean at the time the central committee has several secretaries who were in effect in charge of several asked each of them several aspects of the soviet economy in the soviet society go gorbachev's was in charge of agriculture there was also a government minister of agriculture but the party central committee secretary was more important than governor minister so that's how he started out in moscow in charge of agriculture and it should be said immediately and.

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