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Which is is going to assess your needs and match you with a licensed professional therapist that you can communicate with in under forty eight hours like it's not a crisis line. This isn't like a self help thing. This is a professional counseling service. That's just done securely online. I see what you're saying, so if I'm physically melting. Maybe I need to find another outlet to solve that problem short term, but we're talking on term big picture like my mental meltdowns. Better help be better than butter help. Yeah exactly and like the way it works is you can log into your account anytime. You can send a message to your counselor and get timely and thoughtful responses, plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions, so you won't ever have to sit in uncomfortable waiting room again. you know a traditional therapy, but it's more affordable and. Financial aid is available and they've got all kinds of testimonials. If you look at better help, dot com slash reviews. You can see people shouting particular doctors that they've enjoyed communicating with and counselors and things like that. It's pretty cool. Sounds great to me. I guess I should just turn off all these lights in my apartment first things first and then pull up my laptop and. A ring up all better help, you can go to better help. Dot Com slash check. That's better H. E.. L. P.! And, join over the one million people. Taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional, in fact, so many people have been using better help that they are recruiting additional counselors in off D. So special offer a blank cheque. Listeners are going to get ten percent off their first month at better. Help DOT com slash check..

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