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Your host Bart van der Zee and today. I am very honored to be joined by David. Francioni the publisher of Modern Drummer magazine. David how are you? I'm doing great. Thank you Barak. Great to be here everyone And it's An and as I said that I was thinking you have a lot of different titles. I mean you are an audio engineer. You work in studios. You're an author You've got all sorts of cool stuff on. You're you're a busy man yes You know a lot of things happening and They all interconnect even though it may not look like it at the surface and I know that Many of the things I do are fulltime jobs for a lot of people But I've found a way to combine all of these different passions that I have into a career and And it's you know it's amazing very very blessed very grateful. Yeah I think It's probably across guitar and Bass but I think musicians are really good about making things work for them like if you like audio engineering and drumming you can put it together and find out. Find a way to make that work So well in their hand in glove as well right think about how much CH- Audio engineering comes into play to be a part of what you do I mean. You're you're an engineer Drummer Yuppie. You know that those are very very useful powerful musical tools to have you know from a technology and an audio engineering input yet and I think now more than ever because we live in an era where you can't just say. Oh I'm an engineer. You can't say I'm a tracking engineer. I'm a mixing engineer. Hire me you basically. I think for a lot of people. What makes them stick out his? Oh also good after-effects or I'm also good with Photoshop. And it's like Ooh you stand out you have an extra little something. So it's it's you know as a drummer. It helps to know able ten into no pro tools so well I agree with that Bart and I'd like to expand So that everybody can take away from this time. We're spending together some really valuable things that they can apply to their own life and one right now Is You have to be a multitasker When we talked a minute ago about all the different types of careers I have and and and all the different businesses CETERA. It all stemmed from very early on like literally before I was a teenager. I was starting to see playing the music business at such a young age as a drummer. Having very big aspirations I was starting to see even that young eleven twelve plan in clubs and playing in bands. That if you put all your eggs in one basket it's not only very scary for making a living but it's also very limiting to how far you can take your your goals your art. So it's twofold we've got to be able to make a living to be pros in what we do and in order to do that. You know when a project comes along you have to be ready enable to do it. I also believe you should be passionate about. It shouldn't just be about having a career path to make money. It should be about finding career pads that you're really passionate about and they're really important to you. They almost do for free. If you could make a living otherwise And that for you and when you combine some of those you know you just really turned into a professional that has a lot to offer any project so if you just look at the example of a drummer engineer Which you know if we go back Dave wackle to me. One of the greatest drummers ever will always be one of the greatest drummers ever and I followed his career from when he was in Bridgeport Connecticut commuting to New York City and starting to make noise in New York City With French toast and and the whole way through and in my point in doing in following his career and understanding that is he was always multitasking. Even though he was one of the world's greatest drummers and becoming one at that time he learned about latronic she learned about sound he learned about the studio and all of these different talents that he didn't just have an awareness of but he actually worked on it and an expertise in them. That really took it to another level so now you have one of the world's greatest drummers gets great sound understands the studio can collaborate with the team live or in the studio on. Hey I think we should do this or that to get a better drum sound and it's just such a powerful combination to launch and have a career from so that's what I I'd like to really encourage everyone hearing us today. Take a look at where you're at if you're already doing two or three things And you and you love what? They're what you know what they are. You may still have a long way to go in terms of following The pursuit of them growing your ability within them but point is that you know if you're if you're good with what you're doing and where you know what the combination is then from there. Don't stop grow learn. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations so you can really grow even faster and if you don't do that if you're if you're someone right now listening to us and you're doing one thing just beware that you know it's it's you're limiting yourself for no reason and And you're really in a position where you're not being conservative enough in a music related business or most businesses for that matter if something should go sideways Or a project should come along that you need to be able to do one more thing to get It'll be too late so do it on now and I think that's really important. I'll tell you guys a really interesting story when I first started working with band. Arrowsmith which I've now been working with them since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine thirty one years. I think and when it when I first started I was doing a lot of technology work and I remember The Guy saying to me you know. Look Technology's really important to us. We have a lot of need for what you're doing but we also need you know other aspects of of the studio help you know. You'll engineer on this day or You know do you know work on the console another day or you know fly samples another day whatever and And I remember thinking to myself in. This was all like in a split second because it was a very it was a real time conversation. I remember thinking I've got to push myself like they would describing some things that I had. I didn't have a lot of experience at that time. Some of the things. I was already very very accomplished in other things. I was learning and And I made the call to like really jump into a scary as hell because I'm working for my idols. At that time it was the biggest GIG that I had. I had some great credits prior to our but but not long-term credits they were just like you know. I went and worked with Elton John for week. Right in the projects over. And you know that was that But with our Smith was ongoing so it was very very scary to kind of look at this amazing Group heroes a mind this opportunity and it was. You know as amazing. Yeah I mean everything you're saying is so true and you're faced with those moments where you think like it just makes you like your heart. I don't know if I can do this. You new task comes but I always think that's like a benchmark like the after that you go okay. Well it can't be as hard as that last. You know at that point monumental task so you really like I just think everything builds up like everything gets easier after you do those. Your next mega thing that you're super nervous about whatever. It is a big session that you're not the you're out of your element on your alone you're doing. You've always been an assistant now. You're doing it alone right. Everything's easier adults growth moments. Yes milestones like checkpoints. I mean it's just it's it's a huge thing so everything is so reluctant Bart in the moment the aftermath is what you're describing. It's a huge. Transformation was life changing but in the moment is no less scary. And it's almost. There's almost an equation. Where the scarier it is. The bigger the outcome will be. I think that That's that's what you've got to remember it so much easier to say than do but you gotta do it. You can't just say you gotTa do it She only way you grow. We could use a million examples. We want to use a very simple one. I think everybody gets it at this point but if we want to use a simple one you go to the gym. You know you work your muscles and until you're sore and then you stop and then you recover in whole process whether you realize it or not as you breaking your muscles down and you're actually you know you're working them in that way. It's the same thing in this race. Where you're you're actually breaking your feet. Your fear out yeah totally. I'm a big believer in And I always think about this to myself. I'm like man if I started to say like even you know playing the drums for all right if I started playing guitar like two years ago. Imagine where I would be at now. I would be two years deep like no matter. How old you are if you start now. Yeah fast forward. Two years you're going to be great but if you don't start then you'll be no further along in. That's obvious but again I always even with exercise or whatever you just gotTa start so will you wrote a mile and starting is so easy to talk about. But you know there's a lot of people always have a reason And they don't even realize they have a reason you know I. I see a lot of people that come to me for advice in I'll I'll cons- you know one of the things that I do is making a living as consultants and so people hire me to You Know Give Them. Guidance advice on many different levels for many different views usually around music entertainment business almost exclusively but nonetheless The ideas are very similar where someone will come to me. And I'll do a deep dive and really start to unfold like what's going on and they won't even realize how they just let distractions rule and they don't even see the distractions as distractions. But they just get to the end of the day and they go while you know like I'm I'm not anywhere I haven't started anything. Maybe I put my little foot in in the in the pond but for five minutes. But I really haven't done anything. And it's all these little distractions all these little things that it's all fear Just holding people back and it's disguised in many forms. But you know you really starting is underrated. You know you really have to get out there and start. So that's our advice. Now you and I are really aligned on modern drummer right. The number one dramatic Zine in the world that I had the privilege of becoming publisher and CEO of Fairly recently and It is the Drumming Bible. It is established in nineteen seventy seven And here we are in this moment. I hope this You know the stay home Goes away soon. People can get back to work in and be healthy and safe But if people are listening to this especially during a stay home moment You know we just got a lot to share and bring value to their lives with today. I'm very excited. Bart. Yeah absolutely so..

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