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The cops do this I did this on purpose where they they have a car at that there's a sweltering baby or dog in there and they break all the window all of them well I gotta vented the front window of the flow of the back windows the side windows the rear view no hatch back everything gets busted I got a way to get the dog either maybe next time you want shutting these windows well I I can't if you blow mall out Bob what's going on with the video so tough to bear we're only showing a bit of the dog couldn't even bark it was pending so heavy the mouth was dry he was a sergeant she couldn't even street on a Saturday night let's run that by me again the mouth was dry he was the sergeant yeah by the way I think it look the sergeant begins with an al not an end maybe we go back to is schooling about the distance of the earth sun is I don't the mouth was dry he was the sergeant no in India charging no because it comes from north towards a call just said F. at the hall all teachers and the mouth was dry he was lethargic she couldn't even control himself and with the help of the German sounding you know what we need to stop that into a promo that typically junior show here's our mouth is dry he was no thought are doing he couldn't control himself tonight at six animal control rush the dog named Pedro to safety the dog was in very bad distress and was taken to the wi ridge medical animal Medical Center okay and a dog our live on KFI more Bender Disneyland has had to patch up the matter horn the park says a chunk of the artificial mountainside broke off yesterday before the park opened it was about the size of a door the ride was at half capacity for the day riverside county officials have blocked access to the Santa Ana river in her group of valley because of a possible outbreak of deadly bacteria officials said the water will be tested for Shigella bacteria which can cause blood poisoning infections whether end.

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