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Right before police got the call for a person shot here on Milton avenue. You heard gunshots show police superintendent Paul Donovan says officers responded to a triple decker at sixty six Milton avenue. Located in inside seeing adult male suffering from. Respondent declared the male non-viable on Donovan would not say what type of injuries the man sustained or whether they're searching for a suspect. He says it's all part of the investigation. Anyone with information is being asked to call police in Dorchester, Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ? Boston's News Radio Boston. Mayor Marty Walsh says the city has a little bit of work to do. But the numbers on crime are headed in the right direction. That would be down at one crime down nine percent. Violent crime down eleven percent property crime down nine percent. Total shooting victims on not not homicide shooting victims forty-three with down from three from this time last year homicides with a gun with down four nonfatal shootings were up one the mayor on WBZ nightside with Dan Rae. Last night says the judicial system is in transition with a new Suffolk County district attorney on the job. Rachel Rollins had directed assisted DA's to not prosecute fifteen. Low level crimes including non violent drug offenses and shoplifting. Well, for now junior ROTC students will be able to train with air rifles behind Nashua north high school in New Hampshire. The proposal passed by the school board after a presentation complete with the weapon was made by Major Bryan Newton. But some Nashua parents are not happy about this decision expressing outrage on social media. They say school should be gun free zones. A local rod and gun club says if the board reconsiders it is offering its range to the students nearly a hundred students are enrolled in the junior ROTC program at Nashua. Members of the boys and Girls Club of Lynn hoped to have a camp repaired in time for summer vacation. It was hit by vandals recently. But WBZ's James Ross tells us they're going to need help getting their usually here at camp crane in Middleton. You hear children laughing and splashing in.

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